Mom Snob Quickies
Fri 05.17
BabbaCo BabbaBox

BabbaCo BabbaBox: You’ve Got Mail

BabbaCo creator Jessica Kim knows that we’re always trying to come up with new, more creative ways of entertaining our tots, so she developed the BabbaBox. This set of fun activities for ages 3-7 is mailed to your home each month (May’s theme is “Deep Sea”) and includes everything from arts and crafts to games […]

Mon 02.25

My Favorite Snack Containers: From Toddler to Big Kid

Life with tots is go, go go. And when hunger strikes, it comes fast and furious – you need to be ready with food (and not junk food) at a moment’s notice. So finding sturdy snack containers is important for any parent. Here are the best buys to ensure that you’re a mobile snack shack: […]

Fri 05.11

Züca Packing Pouches: The Organization Station

The stress of traveling can be greatly reduced with something as simple as a brilliant set of pouches. I live by Züca’s system and cannot do anything that involves packing without them. I have their full-set protective suitcase, which is great because you can also use it as an on-the-go seat, although it is heavy. […]

Mon 12.12

Mom Snob Quickies: Mini Sub Sandwiches are Fun and Easy

Run out of easy and tasty lunch ideas?  How about a mini sub sandwich made out of breadsticks?  These have yummy melted cheese already baked into them so all you need is to add some deli slices and cheese (greens only if lunch is not too long away).  Slice them in half with a bread […]

Fri 12.10

Erbaviva Mommy To Be Milk Bath

Happy Friday! You deserve a nice hot bath without interruption tonight. And if you are a mommy to be you deserve one every night (and if this is your first, enjoy the free time you have for that kind of stuff now!!!). This Milk Bath is the most luxurious and rejuvenating with organic milk and […]

Mon 06.28

Wolfgang Puck Electric Pressure Cooker

I’m not the type to sit and watch infomercials, ever! But I happened upon HSN while channel surfing and was immediately mesmerized by this pressure cooker. I make home cooked meals from scratch every day, so I am always looking for solutions to reduce my kitchen time. And this promised to do just that so […]

Fri 05.14

Mom Snob Quickie Recipe: Turkey Pasta Salad

I have been sharing this recipe with all my girlfriends and it has been a huge hit! But more importantly, it is super easy and FAST!! I make this for my daughter’s lunch and she always finishes it. It literally takes 10 minutes and can be made the night before. It is so good I […]

Fri 02.05

Mom Snob Quickie: Evriholder Slipper Genie Cleaning Slippers

No time to clean the floor? Don’t worry, just slip on these Evriholder Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers and clean your floor as you run back and forth chasing your tot around the house. OK, it’s not the cleanest cleaning, but hey, it’s better than nothing. Every little bit of lint and dirt you pick […]

Wed 01.06

Checklist For Leaving The House

I was not a new mom when I started Tot Snob so I never thought to do this but now that there is a newborn in my life again, my nephew, I realized that this is something that can be very helpful for new moms with mommy brain. We have all left the house without […]