Thu 09.19
Scarabocchi di Patipò Changing Mat and Body Set

Scarabocchi di Patipò Changing Mat and Body Set: Tiny Traveler

While baby changing pads aren’t exactly known for being cute, Scarabocchi di Patipò’s has just as much style as it does function. The roll out mat comes with a detachable pillow so that your tots don’t bonk their heads. Though a pillow may sound excessive, when you’re in a rush and lay your baby down, the head tends to touch the surface before the rest of the body (infants have giant heads for their body size).

Wed 04.10

Seeds of Change Organic Watermelon Planting Pots: Better Homes & Gardens

I love gardening with my tots. Besides being a fun way to spend time outdoors, it’s a great learning experience for them (and bonus – you end up with food!). My kids grew potatoes in our backyard and were absolutely blown away that we could actually eat them. The source of what we consume has […]

Mon 03.04

Easter Treats for Girls: Finding the Golden Eggs

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to enjoy with my tots. It’s like a scaled-down, pastel-painted version of Christmas. And there are so many arts and crafts opportunities to enjoy! Painting eggs, putting together Easter baskets (a fun way to teach your children about being charitable) – the possibilities stretch as far as your […]

Fri 11.09

UPPAbaby Vista: The Newest “It” Stroller

Here’s Reese Witherspoon lifting her precious baby Tennessee out of his UPPAbaby smart stroller (we have smart phones, smart cars, now smart strollers!). Available in half a dozen color combos, the Vista has quickly become the new “it” stroller for celeb and average moms alike. That’s right – the reign of the Bugaboo is coming […]

Mon 05.23

Bamford Organic Baby Bath & Massage Oil: Baby Love

If you use pure and natural oils for your own skin, then you should definitely go above and beyond for your baby’s precious, sensitive skin. Bamford Organic Baby Bath and Massage Oil does just that. It is beyond luxurious, soothing, and aromatic. Since the body absorbs oils more easily than lotions, it is important that […]

Fri 05.15

Dapple – Baby Safe Cleaning Products

I featured some home made organic cleaning products a while back. I think it made some people feel inadequate that they can’t imagine carving out the time and energy to do such a thing, myself included. I am more of the “tell me what to buy” kind of girl myself so here is a better […]

Mon 04.27

Eco-Me Home Starter Kit

I don’t consider myself a paranoid person but when it comes to chemicals that go in and onto my tots, I am like a crazy person. I will not allow harmful cleaning products in the house because I figured that germs and bacteria are better than harsh chemicals. Well, obviously I need to clean, hygiene […]

Wed 04.22

Aden and Anais – Wraps and Towels

EARTH DAY GIVEAWAY!! Aden and Anais has the ultimate in muslin swaddle wraps for your most precious bundle. These muslin wraps are incredibly soft and comfortable but the best part is the benefits of using muslin to swaddle. It is breathable which is so important for the health and comfort of your baby, I mean, […]