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Room Decor
Mon 01.02

KidKraft Clothes Pole: Get the Hang of it

It’s a New Year and you know what that means: coming to grips with all those things you want to improve. So if organization is on your list of resolutions (and if you’re anything like me, it’s towards the top), here’s some help. This clothes pole by KidKraft is an adorable and easy way to […]

Mon 08.29

Blabla Dream Ring Knit Mobile: Knit Picky Decor

Mobiles have no place to go after the crib. And besides, there is debate as to whether a mobile is good anyway (the singular focus for the eyes may not be great for their developing vision). These alternative knit mobiles not only have a sweet heartwarming feel, they are amazing to hang from anywhere – […]

Thu 05.05

Joki Hanging Crow’s Nest

A place to hang out, literally! This is like part hammock and part 70’s style hanging chair (you know, those rattan kind!) and 100% fun for your tot. They love having a place of their own and what could be cozier and more secretive than this? Curl up with a good book or just to […]

Fri 04.29

Dwell Studio Bus Bookshelf at Barneys New York

What an adorable way to organize your tot’s favorite books! Dwell Studio’s Bus Bookshelf is the definition of form meeting function. Since all little ones seem to be fascinated by a school bus (my tot only rides one for field trips and it’s always the highlight of the day!) this clever design has appeal and […]

Mon 04.25

DIY Treehouse:” Sweet Dreams Are Made in Trees!

I am jealous; I want this treehouse. I am even more jealous that I’m not handy enough to make this myself (I would not be able to let my child sleep in it even if I did). This is something right out of the world of Peter Pan and his lost boys – a true […]

Mon 04.11

Serena & Lily Senegalese Storage Baskets: Basket Case

For most, storage solutions and organization in the home is an ongoing process. For me, it’s a never-ending battle. I know of fabled people with two kids, two dogs, and a cat who somehow keep a perfectly tidy house, but they are not normal. And probably not real. For the rest of us, things are […]

Wed 03.23

“An Elephant Chalkboard Never Forgets” Chalkboard: The Elephant in the Play Room

I’m buying this Julien Chung-designed chalkboard for my son, but I secretly want one for myself. So perfect for his playroom, it peels and sticks to any smooth surface so you don’t have to fret about distressing your wall with holes when hanging it up. This elephant, complete with crown and ball, has enough personality […]

Thu 02.17

Limited Edition Barbie Prints

I was MIA for a week due to Fashion Week in New York. Now that I’m back, I am still on a fashion kick and ready to redecorate my room with these vintage Barbie fashion prints. Oh, did I say my room, I meant my tots’ rooms =) These would make great art for bathrooms, […]

Wed 11.17

Christmas Wall Art

You already decorate your door, mantel, credenza, windows and lawn so why not include all your walls? Or, if you’re like me and just too lazy to decorate all said spaces, just get these easy to apply and easy to clean up wall sticker decals. My girls want to decorate their room this year, which […]