Tot Fashion
Fri 08.09
Charlotte Olympia Incy Collection

Charlotte Olympia Incy Collection: Mommy and Mini-Me

Charlotte Olympia’s quirky creations are finally available for tots! Really, it makes a lot of sense – who would love a pair of kitty cat flats more than little girls?? The collection is named after the “Incy Wincy Spider” nursery rhyme – seriously appropriate considering Olympia’s logo is a web.

Wed 08.07
Fendi Kids Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Fendi Kids Fall/Winter 2013 Collection: Wild At Heart

What better way to get kids interested in fashion than with a catalogue modeled on a child’s picture book? The creative campaign mixes photos of Fendi-wearing tots with wintery illustrations of cute little animals. In a collection inspired by the great outdoors, fur naturally takes center stage, appearing on hats (only tots can pull off the Davy Crockett look), boots, coats, and even collars.

Fri 07.26
Baby Dior Extraordinary Special Tulle Dress

Baby Dior Extraordinary Special Tulle Dress: In the Red

I was shopping at Baby Dior today – well, more like perusing because honestly, I would never. I made the mistake once of getting my girls Dior dresses and a coat on sale. It only took one wear to destroy them, so I stopped wasting my money. And while I haven’t ventured into baby couture since, I have to admit that this dress is extraordinary (it’s in the name, after all!).

Wed 07.24
Celeb Tot Trend

Celeb Tot Trend: Pale Cloud Dresses

You don’t see a lot of tot trends because let’s be honest – kids just wear whatever they like (whether you like it or not). But it seems mini celebs can’t get enough of Pale Cloud dresses. I can’t blame them – the Spring/Summer line was gorgeous (and is on sale now!!). Alessandra Ambrosio’s beautiful daughter Anja was recently spotted in the light gray Janice dress ($96).

Fri 06.28
Kaloo Izzy Apron Sets

Kaloo Izzy Apron Sets: Top Chefs in Training

I love cooking with my kids, and these adorable Izzy apron sets will make it even more fun. Novice cooks tend to make a mess in the kitchen – hence the “Official Mess Maker” apron – so it’s best to dress for the occasion.

Tue 06.11

Will & Kate: What Would Their Baby Wear?

Will and Kate have been characteristically tight-lipped about the sex of their baby, but if the young royal is a girl, we’ll have a few looks ready for her. It’s a travesty that I don’t have daughters – I love to play dress-up with Mini Snobs! Considering this one’s mom is a mainstay on best-dressed […]

Mon 06.10

Vans x Hello Kitty Collection: Catwalking

Vans and Sanrio, the maker of all things Hello Kitty, have teamed up again to create a collection of footwear, sportswear, and accessories for women and girls. It seems like the famous kitten has collaborated with every brand out there and always with success. Little girls love her and much like their Mom Snobs, they […]

Fri 05.31

Bergdorf Goodman Sale: Oscar de la Renta

There are so many cute clothes you want to buy for your tots, but since they’re constantly growing, it can be hard to justify getting each and every piece. Bergdorf Goodman’s sale couldn’t come at a better time! Adorable Oscar de la Renta summer dresses and little boy polos are the toughest to resist. The […]

Fri 05.24

Barefoot Dreams: A Little Bit of Heaven

We think of our tots as little cherubs, so what better to dress them in than Barefoot Dreams’ cloud-like CozyChic knit. The specially designed fabric was made to keep your baby’s skin baby soft and is used to make everything from stuffed animals to ponchos to towels. When it comes to little girls (and frankly, […]