Tot Fashion
Mon 06.10

Vans x Hello Kitty Collection: Catwalking

Vans and Sanrio, the maker of all things Hello Kitty, have teamed up again to create a collection of footwear, sportswear, and accessories for women and girls. It seems like the famous kitten has collaborated with every brand out there and always with success. Little girls love her and much like their Mom Snobs, they […]

Fri 05.31

Bergdorf Goodman Sale: Oscar de la Renta

There are so many cute clothes you want to buy for your tots, but since they’re constantly growing, it can be hard to justify getting each and every piece. Bergdorf Goodman’s sale couldn’t come at a better time! Adorable Oscar de la Renta summer dresses and little boy polos are the toughest to resist. The […]

Fri 05.24

Barefoot Dreams: A Little Bit of Heaven

We think of our tots as little cherubs, so what better to dress them in than Barefoot Dreams’ cloud-like CozyChic knit. The specially designed fabric was made to keep your baby’s skin baby soft and is used to make everything from stuffed animals to ponchos to towels. When it comes to little girls (and frankly, […]

Wed 05.22

Tutu du Monde: Prima Ballerinas

Your little girls are angels no matter what they’re wearing, but being able to dress them in these enchanting Tutu du Monde pieces is the icing on the cake of parenting. My tots just had their first ballet recital last week, and I could not have been prouder. While a little disorganized, they were full […]

Mon 05.13

Chasing Fireflies Rosy Ruffles Dress: Little Princess

Little girls love playing dress up – to the point where they refuse to ever change out of their princess gowns, even for that fancy dinner you’ve scheduled with your parents. We accept this because we have to, but I’ve found a way to make everyone happy. These adorably ruffled dresses are fun enough for […]

Wed 04.24

Teres Kids T-Shirts: Going Soft

Teres Kids makes clothes specifically for tots with tactile sensitivities, like those with skin allergies, autism, or eczema. But who doesn’t love super soft clothes? One of my daughters even hijacked an old pajama top that I was throwing away and now wears it as a giant nightgown! So while Teres Kids has 100% cotton […]

Fri 04.19

Zara x NBA Boys T-Shirts: Double Team

Why do the boys get to have all the fun?? These t-shirts could be for girls, too. They might fit a little looser, but when you’re a kid, you don’t care about that kind of stuff. You care about what’s on the shirt, and I know my girls love their NBA gear (we’re die hard […]

Fri 03.29

Oscar de la Renta Boys Collection: Easter Parading

Doesn’t everyone dress up their 8-year old boys?! Learning to be fashionable is like learning a language – the earlier you do it, the longer you’ll retain it. My guy loves to surf and skateboard, but when it comes to dressing up, he has very discerning (read: Snobby) taste. I’m a proud mom! Easter is […]

Wed 03.27

Bag Snobs in Training: Taking After Mom

Little girls love to dress like their moms. They’ll dig in makeup bags and find the brightest lipstick, walk in heels, and tote around bags all in the name of being “like mommy.” So why not get them their own special bags? Nothing too extravagant, as accidents do happen when they’re young, but we want […]