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Thu 04.18

Essio Aromatherapy Shower Kit: At-Home Spa

Been saving up to treat yourself to a day at the spa? Keep your money – with Essio’s aromatherapy shower kit, your bathroom becomes a personal spa! The system comes with an adjustable arm that you easily click onto your showerhead’s pipe. Then just screw on one of the aromatherapy pods, move the arm under […]

Mon 01.21

Farmhouse Fresh Goods: Backcountry Beauty

The farm to table ideas comes to beauty (so I guess it’s farm to bathroom?). I just discovered this line, and now I want to buy everything they make. The natural ingredients come straight from their farm, so there are no chemicals. All of the products are even vegan and gluten free. And the scents […]

Fri 12.28

T3 Hand Held Shower Filter: What the Water Gave Me

With beauty, it’s important to go back to the basics. For a minute, forget the powerful cleanser, the exfoliant, and the sweet-smelling shampoo. The fundamental in question here is water. It can be hard or soft, but if you’re lucky, it’s right in the middle. I live in an area with super hard water, so […]

Fri 12.21

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment: Treat Yourself

This is one of the best Frugal Snob buys because even at a low cost, there’s no compromising. I’ve used treatment oils at every price point, and I can honestly say that Agadir takes the #1 spot. I bought it at the drugstore on a particularly bad hair day (my frizzy ends, as you can […]

Tue 11.27

June Jacobs Spa Collection: DIY Spa

High-end hotels started carrying the June Jacobs Spa Collection a few years ago – but rather than waiting for luxury to find you, why not make your own? Now that snow has started falling for some of you, I recommend a nice warm spa day – at home! Just pick up a few of these […]

Tue 11.27

Tocca 2012 Holiday Offerings

The other week I was invited to the Tocca showroom to check out their new gift sets and holiday offerings, but I ended up being more inspired to go home and re-decorate my apartment…seriously!! Their showroom is so beyond chic! They also served some of the best small bites courtesy of Sant Ambroeus, which along […]

Tue 10.30

Kneipp Zen with 10 Bath Collection

I grew up using Kneipp because it’s sold at most drugstores in Munich where my parents are from and Germans in general are more open to natural, aroma-therapeutic, and homeopathic remedies. They’re an affordable brand (though a bit pricier State-Side than overseas), that makes a ton of products including natural herbal bath salts, essential oil […]

Mon 10.15

Cleanlogic Encourages Us to Dine in the Dark

If there’s one thing that’s hard to do, it’s impress a group of beauty/fashion writers who go to one, if not more, events a night. But impressed we all were last week when a couple dozen bloggers and editors made their way to a loft space for a Cleanlogic event. After meeting the founder, who explained […]

Thu 09.27

Queen Helene Batherapy: Bring the Hot Springs Home

While in Taiwan over each summer, even in deathly humid heat, one of my favorite things to do is go to the sulfur hot springs. I truly believe in the health benefits, but even without them, time in a hot spring is good for the soul and purifying for the mind just because it is […]