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Mon 05.23

Clarisea Clarifying Salt Scrub: Make Yourself Clear!

I am totally ready for my self-tanners and spray sessions! Not just because I’m eager to look beach-perfect in leg-baring dresses, but because my exfoliated and polished skin is in prime tanning condition. No, I haven’t been indulging in extra spa sessions. I have been using Clarisea‘s Clarifying Salt Scrub since February. This is a […]

Fri 04.15

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar Soap: So Fresh and So Clean

I bought Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar for my husband and promptly used it myself. I’m usually a shower gel kind of girl, but after my workout, the crisp scent enticed me. Well, I loved it! The tee tree oil tingled and invigorated my exhausted body, and the little exfoliating bits removed all that […]

Mon 03.28

Tom Ford Launches Body Products

Forget about his re-entry into womenswear because as far as I’m concerned the best thing that Tom Ford has done since leaving Gucci and YSL is developing his beauty line! First there were his fragrances (I’ve been nothing short of obsessed with White Suede since its launch), then were were his lipsticks (I wouldn’t dare […]

Wed 03.23

A Visit to the TOCCA Showroom

I wish I had brought my camera to my visit to TOCCA’s showroom last week (see some BlackBerry snaps below), because it was stunning! Located on the same block as Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga, it gave both stores a serious run for their money. Everything down to their antique, miss-matched platters and their Sant […]

Fri 03.18

Olivella Bath and Shower Gel – Molto Bene!

This is a luxury Italian bath and shower gel at a drugstore Frugal Snob price. Made with the highest quality of Italian virgin olive oil – it looks edible in the bottle – it’s packed with natural anti-oxidants and a high concentration of vitamins. In four scents (original, lavender, vanilla, and orange), I would recommend […]

Tue 02.01

Frugal Snob: New Crabtree & Evelyn Citron

The fact that I drink copious amounts of tea every day and squeeze half a lemon in each cup is a testament to us all being able to change our taste buds. I used to HATE lemons, it was right up there with mint and peanut butter&jelly (seriously, who thought of that combo?), when it […]

Tue 01.18

Itchy, Flaky Skin Fighter: The Seaweed Bath Co.

Ironically I first started looking into The Seaweed Bath Co. because my mother was suffering from seriously itchy, dry skin.

Tue 11.30

Balenciaga Black Body Scrub

There are body scrubs and then there are luxurious body scrubs. High off the success of his first fragrance, Balenciaga Paris, Nicolas Ghesquière has launched a bevy of ancillary products designed to complement and sooth the body and soul. My favorite ? The sumptuous black body scrub. Yes, it does its job–the mineral aspect of […]

Thu 11.11

Frugal Snob: Bath & Body Works Holiday

The set-up at the Bath & Body Works showroom (left) and my favorite candle from BBW (right) I went to an event last week at the Bath & Body Works (BBW) showroom and wow did the space leave an impression (I had a choice of 8 soaps in the restroom!). The team had a table […]