Beauty News
Wed 03.27

Tracy Anderson’s Hair Salon: From Workout to Blowout

I love blowouts. In Taipei, it’s completely normal to have them done two-three times a week. Seriously, everyone I know does it! It’s not as expensive as you’d think – most places charge $10 USD, or in a fancier salon, $15 – $20. My daily routine in the summer is yoga, shower, then off to […]

Thu 12.13

Pizza Hut Perfume: Savory Scent

You might remember (but I hope you don’t) when Burger King put out a men’s body spray in 2008 that smelled like their flame-broiled burgers. Now the Daily News is reporting that Pizza Hut has followed suit with its limited edition Eau de Pizza that smells like fresh-out-of-the-oven dough. Originally a joke on the pizza […]

Mon 12.10

Alexa Chung x Nails Inc Leather Polish: Are You on the List?

Nails Inc’s leather effects nail polish hasn’t even been released yet, but there’s already a waiting list of almost 900! What caused this quick-burning firestorm? Just one little tweet from Alexa Chung. The fashion trailblazer wore the sexy polish to the British Fashion Awards, where she won her third style award! Between her undeniable style influence […]

Wed 11.28

Skin Coaching: Face-to-Face

Ever woken up with a skin crisis that had you wanting to crawl back in bed and hide? Renee Rouleau knows just the solution! The New York Times recently gave love to the skin care guru in an article on a new trend she has spearheaded – skin coaching. All you have to do is […]

Mon 11.19

Azature Black Diamond: World’s Most Expensive Nail Polish

Wear your jewels on your nails! No, I’m not talking about sticking on little stones – brush on luxe coats of diamonds. Azature, a Hollywood jewelry designer who calls himself “the Black Diamond King,” has created the world’s most expensive nail polish. Made from 267 carats of black diamonds, the bottle (only one was made) […]

Thu 10.18

Bobbi Brown: Pretty Powerful in Dallas

Bobbi Brown‘s 7th and most powerful book is also my favorite — and not only because I am in it (though it’s one reason!). I love this book because all of the women featured are personal friends of Bobbi’s, not models. Friends who inspire her and who are inspired by her. As Bobbi herself said, […]

Wed 09.19

Love Yourself from Barneys New York:

If you love yourself you will run to Barneys New York asap and stock up on your favorite products. Barneys Love Yourself GWP event is for three days only, today Sept 20th through Sept 22nd. With any $200 cosmetics, treatment, fragrance or apothecary purchase (including men’s fragrance and grooming), all shoppers will receive a gift […]

Tue 07.10

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Collection: A Soft Touch

It was only a matter of time before consistently sensual (and bustier-obsessed) Dolce & Gabbana embraced sheer lace in their cosmetic line. And it suits them as well as you would expect! While their bronzer, a super-natural formula that glides on with supreme ease, looked intimidating in a the dark leopard Animalier formula, their Sicilian […]

Mon 06.11

Vaser Shape: Lipo, Redux

Recently, I was asked to try the Vaser Shape, an ultrasound treatment that zaps fat cells and essentially does what liposuction does, but – keyword – non-invasively. Phrases along the lines of, “immediate results, painless, and free” were the factors that made the decision easy an easy yes for me. “What can I lose?” I […]