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Tue 10.15
Barneys Launches A New Beauty Floor and I Meet The Lipstick Queen

Barneys Launches A New Beauty Floor and I Meet The Lipstick Queen

A few days ago Barneys New York had a breakfast to celebrate their new beauty floor. They’ve added a whopping 1,000 square feet to their NYC beauty space and 8,000 in Beverly Hills. To mark the occasion the retailer invited a bunch of industry heavyweights for a panel discussion.

Wed 10.02

eBay Now: Beauty Emergency? No Problem…

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve found myself in a cab off to start my night only to start profusely sweating and be in need of deodorant. Now thanks to eBay Now if ever I’m at a bar or at a meeting or on the go non-stop and need something, they will deliver it in about an hour via messenger. Broken heel? Smelly armpits? Stained clothes? No problem!

Wed 09.18
Marc Jacobs Makeup

Marc Jacobs Makeup: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The hype around Marc Jacobs’ makeup has turned out to be very justified. This weekend, I tried out the Mod eye palette and mascara gifted by Tina and was instantly excited.

Thu 09.05
Bobbi + Katie Collection

Bobbi + Katie Collection: Beauty to Go

Two of my favorite ladies have come together for one great capsule collection! What’s not to love? Even though Bobbi Brown’s company has been in business for more than 20 years, Katie Holmes is the first celebrity to act as its face. This makes sense – quality products like Bobbi’s need no endorsement. The collaboration with Katie came about organically.

Thu 08.29

Why You Might Be Eating Metal And What To Do About It

The NYTimes recently published a very interesting story on lipsticks – and by interesting I mean I’m thanking my lucky stars that I usually opt for Blistex instead of a color product. We’ve long heard that some lipsticks have lead in them – lead has been associated with a slew of ailments including infertility, learning and behavior disorders, seizures, and even death, and that’s exactly why it’s been banned from products we’re exposed to everyday like paint.

Mon 08.12
Teen Choice Awards Trend

Teen Choice Awards Trend: Hair-Appropriate

Normally age inappropriateness comes from the more mature set trying to look younger (think 40-somethings with ombre-hued hair), yet at last night’s Teen Choice Awards, it was the 20-something celebs who committed age inappropriateness. What’s going on? Is Lady Bird Johnson trending?

Wed 03.27

Tracy Anderson’s Hair Salon: From Workout to Blowout

I love blowouts. In Taipei, it’s completely normal to have them done two-three times a week. Seriously, everyone I know does it! It’s not as expensive as you’d think – most places charge $10 USD, or in a fancier salon, $15 – $20. My daily routine in the summer is yoga, shower, then off to … Continue reading Tracy Anderson’s Hair Salon: From Workout to Blowout

Thu 12.13

Pizza Hut Perfume: Savory Scent

You might remember (but I hope you don’t) when Burger King put out a men’s body spray in 2008 that smelled like their flame-broiled burgers. Now the Daily News is reporting that Pizza Hut has followed suit with its limited edition Eau de Pizza that smells like fresh-out-of-the-oven dough. Originally a joke on the pizza … Continue reading Pizza Hut Perfume: Savory Scent

Mon 12.10

Alexa Chung x Nails Inc Leather Polish: Are You on the List?

Nails Inc’s leather effects nail polish hasn’t even been released yet, but there’s already a waiting list of almost 900! What caused this quick-burning firestorm? Just one little tweet from Alexa Chung. The fashion trailblazer wore the sexy polish to the British Fashion Awards, where she won her third style award! Between her undeniable style influence … Continue reading Alexa Chung x Nails Inc Leather Polish: Are You on the List?