Beauty Tips
Wed 01.16
Travel Snob Essentials

Travel Snob Essentials: Fly Girl

I’m on a plane almost weekly, and there are a few essential products that I always bring with me. On long haul trips to Europe or Asia, I don’t wear any makeup. Why clog your pores when the people around you are probably sleeping anyway? In spite of its deceptively appropriate shape, the aisle in a plane is not a runway…

Fri 12.21

Best Hair Trends of 2012: Fair-Haired

The High Bun: You can take this look in many directions – ballerina bun, futuristic (like how Olivia Wilde styled hers – with a large choker), etc. But it’s always very feminine and classy. Just remember not to tie it up messy, or else you’ll look like you have a huge nest resting on your […]

Wed 12.19

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: First Line of Defense

Sometimes basic moisturizers are just not enough. Our skin is an organ, so it can require more TLC that we normally remember to give it. I have a friend who couldn’t get rid of a rough patch on her forehead for almost 6 months. She tried out at least half a dozen moisturizers before she […]

Mon 12.17

Pink Lipstick Trend: I’m a Barbie Girl

Kristen Stewart has been coming out in full-force on the red carpet lately wearing a lot of sheer, sexy pieces, and her newest sheer style is Barbie pink lipstick. For her On the Road premiere, the starlet went sexy ‘60s with cat-eyes and Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipshine in parfait (at Neiman Marcus for $32.50). This […]

Thu 12.13

Anne Hathaway x Chanel: Flawlessly Fantine-tastic

Anne Hathaway may have lost 25 pounds to play dying prostitute Fantine in Les Misérables, but on the film’s red carpet she was fresh faced and gorgeous! Even her short-cropped hair has a perfect healthy shine. Yes, she’s a bit smug, but she has every right to be, even though it’s highly irritating at times. […]

Wed 12.12

Essie Repstyle Collection: Reptilian Rock

Essie has released their first magnetic nail polish and it’s all about snakelike style. Basically, if you wave a magnet (conveniently located on the cap of the polish) over your nails right after you paint them, itty-bitty magnets within the lacquer move around to create a reptilian pattern. Pretty cool, huh? Also, pretty easy. This […]

Fri 11.30

Fractional RF: Fresh-Faced

I’m at that age when I want to start being proactive about my skin without resorting to any nips or tucks. And no crazy botoxed forehead or collagen-filled cheeks for me (no offense, Madonna)! I’ve looked into laser therapies in the past, but apparently it’s not great for Asian skin (certain procedures don’t work for […]

Fri 11.23

Trend Alert: Ombré Lips

We’ve had our fill of ombré via hair, bags, jeans, and dresses, or have we?! How about ombré  lips?! As with any ombré style, you can go subtle (does having lipstick fade throughout the day count as ombré trendy??) or loud – neon brights give your pucker a lot to talk about, but I like playing with a dark […]

Fri 11.16

By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer: Bright Eyes

No matter how much sleep you get or how well you manage your stress, the reality is that some people will always have dark circles under their eyes. A lot of the reason has to do with skin tone. If you’re pale, your veins are more visible. When that’s the case, the simple solution is […]