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Body Wash
Fri 07.20

Jack Black Turbo Wash Energizing Hair & Body Cleanser: The King of Cleansers

I just got over the worst virus ever; I was quarantined for three days because it was so strong and dangerous to kids. So after marinating in my own germs for a week, I felt like what I needed was a bleach bath, but, of course, that would actually kind of kill me. Luckily, I […]

Fri 07.13

Frugal Snob: Skinnygirl Body Solutions Smooth And Firming Body Wash

I love Bethenny Frankel, but I do have a little beef with her. She’s always claiming to be “looking out for her fans,” and I believed that to be sincere, which is why I’m disappointed to see that she’s launched some pretty shady products. Among the latest ones she’s stamped her Skinnygirl logo on are […]

Thu 07.12

Elemental Herbology Deep Cleanse Summer Body Wash

I love love love Elemental Herbology. It’s a relatively new brand (founded in 2008) that was started by an acupuncturist and holistic body therapist so you can trust that it’s formulated without synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, mineral oils, sulphates, parabens, and other potentially noxious ingredients. What really has me hooked on this brand however is […]

Wed 07.11

Clark’s Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash

Any skincare product that says “face and body” I will automatically just use on my body so I can’t vouch for what Clark’s Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash ($46), would feel like on your face, but as a body wash I love it! I’m super acne prone on my upper back because of […]

Wed 06.13

Frugal Snob: Target Fall 2012 Beauty Preview

Try as they may to revamp their offerings to make them appear more luxurious, CVS, Duane Reade, and other similar drugstores have nothing on Target. Hands down the best place to shop for affordable beauty products they stock one of my favorite brands (and I’m talking fave at any price point) – Yes to Carrots […]

Thu 03.15

IOMA Launches Body Products

IOMA, a Saks exclusive in Manhattan and California, just launched in the U.S. late last year, but they’ve become so popular that they’re already introducing their body range in the States (its been a top seller in high-end department stores in France for awhile). The line will also be launching in Harrod’s. Just like with […]

Tue 03.13

Frugal Snob: Target Debuts New Products and Brands

People think we have it all here in Manhattan when it comes to shopping, but we don’t have a Target which means we’re seriously deprived of some of the best picks when it comes to frugal snob beauty product shopping! I’m a huge fan of their exclusive, Nip + Fab (from the woman behind Rodial) […]

Fri 02.17

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Body Wash: Rule with a Velvet Glove

Seriously, why haven’t I been using this all winter? After spending time in New York for Fashion Week, I was dried out. The first thing I did when I got home was jump in the shower and indulged with this velvety cream wash. This is a whole new experience – no lathering up and scrubbing […]

Wed 12.14

LIV GRN Cherry Wood Body Lotion and Shower Gel: Spoil Yourself Green

It scares me how many people I know have cancer. And when I think of how we inadvertently harm our own bodies, especially when we’re just trying to clean and moisturize – it scares me more. Skin is the largest organ and anything you put on it is absorbed directly into the blood stream. So […]