Body Wash
Thu 09.15

BORBA Firming Body Cleansing Serum: Spandex for Your Skin, Literally

I had to try this product because it sounded so gimmicky. It’s one of those products that boast exotic ingredients like Guanabana, Gotu Kola, Marigold, Cat’s Claw, echinacea, Licorice and Guava. This is per the usual, strange sounding fruits and botanicals that must work because they sound so cool!! But it’s the Hydrolyzed Spandex Fiber […]

Mon 08.22

L’Occitane Verbena Shower Gel and Citrus Verbena Sorbet Body Cream: Here’s to an Indian Summer

There’s something about the fresh scent of verbena, grapefruit, lemons, and oranges that makes me want to hold on to summer. After a long, hot day, nothing is more refreshing than citrus wafting by. These intoxicating Verbena products by L’Occitane are just what I’m counting on to extend my fun-in-the-sun days. The Verbena shower gel […]

Mon 06.13

Kiehl’s Grapefruit Body Cleanser: Attract and Repel

Go figure: although I hate the taste of grapefruit, I love the scent! And I am just insane about Kiehl‘s Grapefruit Body Cleanser. It smells delicious and is super-refreshing – so much so it makes me want to take three showers a day! It’s great for summertime when you come home all sticky and sweaty […]

Fri 05.06

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino: Getting Intimate With Tom Ford

Would you like to go to Portofino? How about going to Portofino with Tom Ford? That’s what I did recently. Well, no, I didn’t actually go to Portofino. I was transported to this Mediterranean seaside town by his Neroli Portofino Shower Gel. I’m usually one to shy away from perfumed shower gels, but not this […]

Mon 05.02

Edible Beauty: Juara

I stopped by The Plaza Beauty section in the underground mall at The Plaza Hotel last week and was completely floored at how much has changed down there! The last time I stopped by was for the opening party of Todd English’s Food Hall (amazing by the way for a post-shopping pick-me-up), and that was […]

Mon 03.28

Tom Ford Launches Body Products

Forget about his re-entry into womenswear because as far as I’m concerned the best thing that Tom Ford has done since leaving Gucci and YSL is developing his beauty line! First there were his fragrances (I’ve been nothing short of obsessed with White Suede since its launch), then were were his lipsticks (I wouldn’t dare […]

Wed 03.23

A Visit to the TOCCA Showroom

I wish I had brought my camera to my visit to TOCCA’s showroom last week (see some BlackBerry snaps below), because it was stunning! Located on the same block as Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga, it gave both stores a serious run for their money. Everything down to their antique, miss-matched platters and their Sant […]

Tue 02.01

Frugal Snob: New Crabtree & Evelyn Citron

The fact that I drink copious amounts of tea every day and squeeze half a lemon in each cup is a testament to us all being able to change our taste buds. I used to HATE lemons, it was right up there with mint and peanut butter&jelly (seriously, who thought of that combo?), when it […]

Wed 01.26

Cake Beauty Desserted Island Collection: No Guilt Sweets

Now I’m not big on smelling like food on a daily basis. I’m much more of a clean or even light floral person when it comes to my bath products, but this Cake Beauty Desserted Island collection seduced me. The products are scented with Tahitian vanilla and fresh coconut, which really comes through in the […]