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Tue 04.23

Kneipp Arnica Intensive Cream

I got back last week from a trip to Hong Kong and Australia. I was traveling with a friend who’s a personal trainer so I figured we’d be eating healthy and working out throughout….boy was I wrong! We ate at some of the most amazing restaurants, but they were more often than not far from […]

Wed 04.17

Nest White Narcisse Gift Set: Shower in Flowers

The narcissus flower is a perennial that blooms in spring, so Nest’s introduction of the new limited edition White Narcisse collection could not have come at a better time! The delicate white floral scent is a blend of French mimosa, dewy Mulger, and creamy sandalwood that’s as fresh and feminine as you could hope for. […]

Wed 01.30

BijaBody Anti-Aging Treatment and Serum: Body Double

I’m at the point when I have to be concerned about aging not just on my face, but on my body, too. So while I’m lotioning up, why not take some preventative measures? BijaBody’s line is all-natural and uses botanicals like HoneyOil and green tea extracts to get your skin to its healthiest ever. The […]

Mon 01.28

Niven Morgan Blue Body Lotion: The Smell of the Sea

I normally try to find fragrance-free lotions that won’t interact with my perfume, but I love the smell of Niven Morgan’s Blue body lotion ($28) so much that I actually wear it for the scent. I wish they had a perfume or room spray (let’s hope someone in their development department reads this post!), but […]

Mon 01.21

Farmhouse Fresh Goods: Backcountry Beauty

The farm to table ideas comes to beauty (so I guess it’s farm to bathroom?). I just discovered this line, and now I want to buy everything they make. The natural ingredients come straight from their farm, so there are no chemicals. All of the products are even vegan and gluten free. And the scents […]

Thu 01.10

Aveda Hand Relief Cream: Natural Selection

Whether you’re on the dry West Coast or the frigid East Coast, you need a good moisturizer right about now. So, I keep Aveda Hand Relief on my desk all the time. There’s nothing more distracting than having dry, cracking hands while you’re working. I’m constantly staring at them and criticizing everything (luckily today I […]

Wed 01.09

Fight Dry Skin with Mario Badescu

I love Mario Badescu. They may not have the swankiest packaging, but when you’ve got skincare issues – say a breakout that just won’t go away or exceptionally dry skin – they’ve always got the right product. Plus I much, much rather a company invest in good quality ingredients than advertising or flashy containers. Badescu […]

Mon 12.31

Soap and Glory Shower Trip

I cannot handle the East Coast right now!!! I am pale as a ghost and it’s freezing! I’m counting my lucky stars that I have a job that allows me to work from anywhere and that my parents have an apartment in South Beach so that I can fly back and forth every few weeks […]

Wed 12.26

Natura Bisse: Shine Bright like a Diamond

Santa didn’t bring you everything your heart desired? Why not treat yourself! I prefer diamonds but if that’s not in the budget, you can get diamonds of another kind– from Natura Bisse. I’ve been using Natura Bisse since college, and from the very first Diamond Cream, I was hooked. I spent more time in the […]