Thu 10.11

I Love My Muff

I spotted I Love My Muff on a recent Henri Bendel shopping trip and a few of their products were on sale so I figured…why not try!? In theory the brand is very similar to Sweetspot Labs, a company whose products I often use, but unlike Sweetspot they are not made with artificial fragrances. Luckily […]

Wed 09.26

NEST Moroccan Amber Body Wash and Cream: Love Nest

I am officially addicted to all things NEST. The fragrance company (they specialize in deliriously good, award-winning candles) seems to really know how to hook you on a scent. I have been using their Moroccan Amber body wash ($28) and body cream ($32) for a month now, and I still can’t get enough. With an […]

Tue 09.18

Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson is a remarkable brand. Not only are the 50-plus products in their eight lines (avaBODY, avaSKIN, avaFACE, avaSUN, avaHAIR, ava SCENT, avaHOME and avaBABY), made without harmful ingredients, but they only contain organic ingredients, many of which are vegan and the entire range is the brainchild of a girl who is only 18! […]

Tue 09.04

L’Occitane Bonne Mere

Last week I went to L’Occitane for an event they were having to promote their partnership with WorldRiderZ, an organization that rides to raise money and awareness for Chronic Kidney Disease, and I while there I had the opportunity to try out a bunch of new (and some old favorites….helllooo Almond!), products. New to the […]

Mon 07.09

Vichy CelluDestock Intensive Treatment for Appearance of Cellulite

Most cellulite fighters are nothing more than shrewd marketing. There’s no proven way to fight cellulite with lotions or potions however there are ways minimize the appearance of those pesky pockets of fat. One of the most effective is to build up muscle underneath the fat tissue by doing squats and lunges. These exercises will […]

Thu 07.05

Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack

In his book “Do it or Age Quickly,” JB Berns says that one of the ways you can help your body better digest is by rubbing your belly counterclockwise with your left hand. I’ll often do this for a few minutes before getting out of bed when I’m planning on hitting the gym for an […]

Wed 06.13

Frugal Snob: Target Fall 2012 Beauty Preview

Try as they may to revamp their offerings to make them appear more luxurious, CVS, Duane Reade, and other similar drugstores have nothing on Target. Hands down the best place to shop for affordable beauty products they stock one of my favorite brands (and I’m talking fave at any price point) – Yes to Carrots […]

Wed 06.06

Kat Burki Body Lotion: Simple Sophistication

I’m a sucker for luxe packaging and Kat Burki has mastered it. Much like more widely known brands like Tom Ford and Chanel, Kat Burki opts for clean and simple packaging that just looks expensive (fittingly, like Tom Ford and Chanel, Burki’s products don’t come cheap…). I discovered the brand last year thanks to my […]

Tue 05.22

Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion

I’m majorly obsessed with Mario Badescu and the brand doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves! It’s actually odd that we don’t hear more about MB because they’ve got a huge celebrity following (everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Demi Moore). Most of their products have a clean, fresh smell; they’re simply packaged, free of fillers, […]