Mon 10.14

Korres Launches Bergamot Pear and Apple Blossom

I’ve been blaming my addiction to Greek yogurt for my skin woes, but ironically while dairy might be horrible for my skin when eaten, it works great on it topically (I’ll write about it more in a few weeks, but I recently start using one of Korres’ night creams and so far have experienced fantastic results).

Tue 08.20

DIY Strip-Free Hair Removal…Do You Dare?

I have, in the name of research, waxed myself…talk about the least fun thing to do on a weekend! It’s uncomfortable and I’m not nearly as good at it as when someone else does it for me – plus you can really only go over the same area twice before you risk possible irritation, making it all the more important that you’re efficient when it comes to getting all your hairs (and I am not).

Mon 08.19
Multi-Functional Beauty Products

Multi-Functional Beauty Products: I Want It All-in-One

Everything is multi-purpose these days – smart phones, kitchen appliances…there are even toilets with heated seats! Why not indulge in beauty products with as many functions? Anything to give you a few more minutes to spend time with your family and friends, or god forbid – sleep – is worth considering.

Tue 07.30

Sephora Beauty Insider Program Gets a Makeover

  If you’re a beauty junkie it’s time to get reallllly excited because Sephora is re-launching their beauty loyalty rewards program come August 12 and they’ve got a bunch of amazing things in store – so get ready to shop! I went to a breakfast to hear about all the new changes and additions and […]

Mon 07.22
Jabonería Marianella Soaps

Jabonería Marianella Soaps: All in the Family

From the rejuvenating face and body bars to the moisturizing antioxidant milk bars, every last one of Jabonería Marianella’s natural soaps smells wonderfully fragrant and feels just as divine. As a mom, I love that it’s a mother-son operation!

Wed 07.17

Frugal Snob: Thymes Launches New Brand Lulah

I love Thymes…it’s actually one of the few brands I found out from my mother (she’s a brand loyalist and rarely tries anything new). They make these great little beauty gift sets that she’ll bring for friends when she’s invited for coffee or something. I’m pretty sure she gets them at Gracious Home here in the city, which is her go-to shop for that kind of stuff.

Thu 07.04
(MALIN + GOETZ) Bug Spray

(MALIN + GOETZ) Bug Spray: All Buzz, No Bite

Once summer starts, all of the bugs come out of hiding. Kelly finds the best protection!

Thu 07.04

Frugal Snob: Salma Hayek’s Nuance

I’m a huge fan of Salma Hayek because of her entrepreneurial ventures. She’s the woman behind Cooler Cleanse and in 2011 she launched a range of beauty, hair, and skin products called Nuance, sold exclusively at CVS. I was sent a few skin product to try out and was impressed at how light and clean the scents were.

Wed 07.03

Aromaflage: A Fine Fragrance that Repels Insects

Two recent Harvard Business School grads just launched an amazing new functional botanical fragrance called Aromaflage ($65), which doubles as insect repellent.