Tue 02.01

Frugal Snob: New Crabtree & Evelyn Citron

The fact that I drink copious amounts of tea every day and squeeze half a lemon in each cup is a testament to us all being able to change our taste buds. I used to HATE lemons, it was right up there with mint and peanut butter&jelly (seriously, who thought of that combo?), when it […]

Tue 11.30

Balenciaga Black Body Scrub

There are body scrubs and then there are luxurious body scrubs. High off the success of his first fragrance, Balenciaga Paris, Nicolas Ghesquière has launched a bevy of ancillary products designed to complement and sooth the body and soul. My favorite ? The sumptuous black body scrub. Yes, it does its job–the mineral aspect of […]

Thu 11.11

Frugal Snob: Bath & Body Works Holiday

The set-up at the Bath & Body Works showroom (left) and my favorite candle from BBW (right) I went to an event last week at the Bath & Body Works (BBW) showroom and wow did the space leave an impression (I had a choice of 8 soaps in the restroom!). The team had a table […]

Wed 10.20

Bath Nation The Cabernet Collection

It’s a bit ironic that I’m so loving a brand called Bath Nation, because I pretty much never take baths. About 15 years ago I was in a bathtub when I spotted a waterbug on the wall in front of me and I was so traumatized by the experience that I became completely bathtub-averse! Not […]

Wed 09.29

Frugal Snob: Earth Therapeutics Stress Management Kit

When it comes to creating an at-home spa experience in your bathtub, it’s hard to beat elizabethW (one of the best birthday gifts I ever gave my father was one of their scented flaxeed eye pillows). If you’re on a budget however Earth Therapeutics Stress Management Kit ($25) has all the bare bones essentials including […]

Thu 07.29

Natura Bisse Glyco Skin Exfoliating Gel

Soft and perfect skin – on your feet! I swear there is no product like this on the market, I don’t care what kind of paraffin or other treatments they offer when you get a pedicure, the Glyco Skin works miracles. After one treatment, you will see a total transformation and with regular use, you […]

Tue 07.06

Liz Earle Summer Collection

About a year ago I met Liz Earle for the first time. She’s one of those amazing multi-tasking mavens who runs a beauty empire, while penning countless books and raising a family, all the while looking super relaxed and friendly…no clue how in the world she does it all! She has a slew of summertime […]

Tue 05.18

The Organic Pharmacy

Anyone who knows me well knows that I rarely leave my apartment without at least one thing from the Bach homeopathic line of remedies. I’ve long sworn by the line to calm me in moments of stress and panic and can’t imagine going a day without a drop of something from the line!

Tue 04.20

Mama Mio Bootcamp Kits

As someone who works out on a regular basis I can’t stand anyone, anything, or any product that claims “easy,” “quick,” or “fun” weight-loss and muscle tone — it’s just not going to be any of those things — if it were easy, quick, and fun we’d all have Gisele’s body! The best products and […]