Tue 05.18

The Organic Pharmacy

Anyone who knows me well knows that I rarely leave my apartment without at least one thing from the Bach homeopathic line of remedies. I’ve long sworn by the line to calm me in moments of stress and panic and can’t imagine going a day without a drop of something from the line! Bach hails […]

Tue 04.20

Mama Mio Bootcamp Kits

As someone who works out on a regular basis I can’t stand anyone, anything, or any product that claims “easy,” “quick,” or “fun” weight-loss and muscle tone — it’s just not going to be any of those things — if it were easy, quick, and fun we’d all have Gisele’s body! The best products and […]

Fri 03.19

Tela Organic Sugar Scrub and Body Cleanse: Meet Philip Pelusi Satuday March 20th at Nordstrom North Park!

I am all about Tela Organic skincare lately.  I’ve been using the “Tela Sugar scrub” almost daily and it’s so moisturizing that I can skip body lotion afterwards!  The scrub is made of pure organic sugar cane and almond oils with a blend of honey, acai and pomegranate (it did cross my mind to taste […]

Tue 01.05

Top 5 Fave Skincare Product Brands to Watch for this Coming Year

To start off the New Year right I thought it would be great to highlight some of the most exciting new brands and product launches that we’ve come across these past 12 months. Can’t wait to see what’s in store from these brands for 2010! Check back this week to see more for makeup and […]

Tue 07.21

Lush Sugar Scrubs

Lush is one of those brands that not only thinks outside of the box, but you can tell that their products are developed by people with a sense of humor. They always name, describe, and package their products in such fun and witty ways (anyone remember those Mother’s Day gift sets — how amazing were […]

Wed 07.15

“Beach” with Bobbi Brown

I have written about the “Beach” collection from Bobbi Brown before and want to remind you again how heavenly it is.  It was 109 yesterday in Dallas, yes, you read correctly a hundred and nine friggin degrees!!!!!!!  I showered 3 times and still felt grimy and sticky.  Thank god for the Beach products, I may […]

Tue 03.31

Bikini Ready with La Mer Body Refiner

Despite the schizo weather lately (it was 31 over the weekend and 71 yesterday) I’m going to go with the calendar and start preparing for summer. I use body scrubs in the wintery months but not as regularly as I do during bikini season! Some women say “who cares!  No one’s looking and I’m a […]

Wed 01.28

Naturopathica Bamboo Lemongrass Body Scrub

The beauty trend of late is definitely spiritual wellness and awareness. If you are on the coasts, especially the west, this is no longer a trend but a way of life. The Naturopathica line is all natural, all organic and formulated to lift your spirits in more ways than one. I am doing a juice […]

Fri 01.23

Encore Spa in Las Vegas

Left: Encore Spa Lobby; Right: Hallway that take you to the treatment rooms On my recent trip to Las Vegas I had check out Encore to see Steve Wynn’s latest creation. Encore’s grand opening was Dec. 22, 2008. My husband had to work during the day so it was the perfect opportunity to get away […]