Wed 08.22

Shopping Find: The Detox Market

I’m completely obsessed with The Detox Market. I’m not even sure how exactly I stumbled upon this website, but they’ve got a killer selection of beauty products, including a number of under-the-radar brands. They specialize in non-toxic, natural brands and they have a store in Venice, California…how I missed it when I was on Abbot […]

Wed 08.08

Maui Babe Browning Lotion: Hawaii Five-Ooh!

Most of the time, I am so good. I avoid the sun and bury myself in wide-brimmed hats, breezy cover-ups, and cabanas the size of a small house. Key words: most of the time. Hell, it’s the summer, I’m finally at Laguna Beach after braving typhoons and viruses in Asia, and I need a little […]

Tue 07.10

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Collection: A Soft Touch

It was only a matter of time before consistently sensual (and bustier-obsessed) Dolce & Gabbana embraced sheer lace in their cosmetic line. And it suits them as well as you would expect! While their bronzer, a super-natural formula that glides on with supreme ease, looked intimidating in a the dark leopard Animalier formula, their Sicilian […]

Mon 05.14

Bobbi Brown Miami Collection: Turn the Beat Around

Bobbi Brown is feeling the heat this summer. More specifically, the Miami heat. Her seasonal collection is designed to make you look like you just spent the last few sunny days lounging in a cabana at the Delano. Or, as she says, it “recreates that fresh glowing look you get at the beach.” Think warm […]

Mon 04.23

Top 5 Fun-in-the-Sun Products: Sporty, Sexy, Cool

I don’t have to tell you I’m more of “lounge in the shade” than a volleyball-spearing, sand-kicking, wave-catching kind of beach bunny. But even if I am just relaxing in the cabana, sometimes I want a light, natural face of makeup that guarantees to stay put. Here are the best products that guarantee to last […]

Mon 04.16

Lolita-Inspired Beauty: Renewed Innocence

Perhaps the most controversial book of the twentieth century not only disturbs with its portrayal of one deeply disturbed dude – Lolita has become an inevitable style icon. The title character of Vladimir Nabokov’s groundbreaking 1955 novel was actually not a natural beauty, per se, but the girl had loads of allure. Sure, at a […]

Mon 03.12

Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder: Get a Natural Glow in the Perfect Shade without the Harmful UV Rays

As you read this, I am sitting on South Beach. But don’t worry, I would never risk exposing my face to harmful UV rays. I’m under my umbrella, hat on my head and might possibly even have a robe over my bathing suit. (Until 3pm at which time I will tan my body only for […]

Wed 02.15

Frugal Snob: Disney’s Limited Edition Tinkerbell-Themed PixiGlow Collection

Pixi and I go waaaay back as it was one of the first brands I consistently bought when I was in High School. I first discovered it at Henri Bendel, but about a year into my obsession they discontinued the range and Sephora picked it up. Another year or so later Sephora discontinued the line […]

Tue 02.07

(Plā) Beauty Bronzer: Pounce on This Cougar

Animal instincts never hurt when it comes to makeup. (Plā) Beauty is in touch with theirs – their Cougar bronzer, in a spotty print, is fun and pleasing to the eye before you even apply it. And it has actual benefits once on the face, as well. For bronzer, using a mix of colors is […]