Tue 02.15

Frugal Snob: essence Winter Collection

There’s frugal and then there’s FRUGAL and essence is frugal with everything from “f” to “l” in bold capital letters! I’m talking cheaper than Revlon, Rimmel London, L’Oreal, and pretty much every other drug store buy you can think of. How does that translate when it comes to quality? Don’t expect smoother than smooth eye […]

Sat 02.12

Le Metier de Beaute + John Barrett = Fashion Week Beauty Musts

Legendary hair guru, John Barrett, gave me the scoop on hair styles to expect for Dennis Basso’s fashion show next Tuesday! I arrived in NYC on Thursday morning, dropped off my bags at the W Times Square and immediately headed to Bergdorf Goodman (also known as the snob home away from home) to have my […]

Thu 01.20

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel: Snooki(s) need not apply

Some people look good pale; Bella Swan, Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, vampires, etc. Emma, however, does not. I try to pull off the “winter glow” with blushes and rosy lips, but in photos I end up looking sick with too much makeup on. I think it may be because of my yellow undertones, or the […]

Tue 10.26

Oprah’s Makeup Artist Teams with HissyFit

Reggie Wells, the Emmy award winning makeup artist behind Oprah Winfrey’s look for more than two decades, has been named the International Creative Director of Hissyfit. The Australian brand is still relatively new and is best known now for their 3-in-1 beauty products – their Body Double moisturizer ($39 – awesome because it has SPF […]

Wed 10.13

Dianna Agron: Autumn Nudes

Do not let the cooler months keep you from sun kissed and gorgeous looking skin! I’m obsessed with Glee and though I’m not a fan of Quinn (I mean Dianna) on the show, I have to admit she’s one freakishly gorgeous girl. Does she not look like a Anime character with those huge eyes, perfect […]

Thu 07.08

Hydra SUNRays from Beauty Addicts: Effortless Tan

I don’t know about you but it drives me absolutely bananas to see women with mask-like PALE faces and tanned arms/neck/chest/legs. How hard is it to look in the mirror?! If you’re tanning or faking it– please adjust your foundation/powder accordingly! I know, none of my business but still, annoys me to no end and […]

Mon 05.24

New Sensai Bronzing Powder

I recently flew out to St Louis for my brother’s college graduation and with all the airport madness I figured it would be best to stick with hand-luggage. Unfortunately that meant leaving my treasured Sensai Fluid Finish Foundation at home (I swear the Natural Beige shade feels like it was made for me!). I did […]

Mon 05.17

Back to the Beach with MAC

Can not tell you how much I needed the sun this past week.  Between hosting events for Molly Sims (her jewelry line, Grayce by Molly Sims, ROCKS, by the way!), hosting Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities Golf/Poker Tournament (we raised $750,000 for the kids!) and hosting my father in law’s 75th birthday party– I had […]

Thu 03.25

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzing Gel

I’ve been wearing tights almost daily since November and am so sick of wearing them! Thank god I was able to wear a very spring like YSL dress this week and with slingbacks and bare legs because I was about to burn all of my tights. It had snowed the day before but this being […]