Fri 01.21

BOOMing Brows

Big brows are back but if you plucked/waxed/threaded yours to nothing, don’t worry– it’s easy to fake it!  According to uber popluar Boom Boom Brow bar, you must adhere to the 4 factors of perfect brows : Color, Length, Width and Arch Go a little bolder (but not too dark, cookie) – tinting is a […]

Wed 01.12

Smashbox Brow Tech

If there is one trouble spot I have with beauty, it’s eyebrows. I’m not sure why this is, because I have decent brows. They have good shape to them and aren’t too thin or thick, yet I never think they have the strong look that I want when I study my own photos closely (I […]

Wed 10.13

Dianna Agron: Autumn Nudes

Do not let the cooler months keep you from sun kissed and gorgeous looking skin! I’m obsessed with Glee and though I’m not a fan of Quinn (I mean Dianna) on the show, I have to admit she’s one freakishly gorgeous girl. Does she not look like a Anime character with those huge eyes, perfect […]

Wed 07.14

Shobha’s New Brow Pencil

Shobha is known for expert brow threading and waxing, so it makes sense that they would add an eye brow pencil ($16) to their line-up of products. I was sent a sample of the above pencil and it was good timing because I recently had my hair highlighted, but didn’t have time to get my […]

Tue 06.01

Tweezerman Lighted Slant Tweezer

For those like my mother who can’t see very well, but refuse to wear contacts or glasses Tweezerman’s Lighted Slant Tweezer ($22) are a life-saver! Tweezerman’s tweezers are the only ones I use. They’re easy to manipulate, long-longest, and very sharp. While these lighted tweezers are a bit bulkier and not as easy to manipulate as […]

Fri 01.08

Bobbi Brown Makeup Face Lift Collection

It seems all of my bffs are doing something to themselves. Smart lipos, boob jobs, injections, tucks and lifts, etc. Even Kelly had the Thermage done last fall and is now contemplating all kinds of other fun stuff.  I have nothing against “help” but just have not braved them myself.  But trust me, when it […]

Mon 01.04

Review: MAC Penultimate Brow Marker

The limited edition Penultimate Brow Marker ($16.50 on counters starting Jan 7th) is the ultimate tool for the busy girl on the go. It has a liquid texture with fine calligraphy brush applicator that you sweep along the brows in a neutral brown tone that looks as normal with my black hair as it does […]

Thu 12.10

Precision Brow Planing System

Christi Harris is pretty much the Anastacia of Houston, so it was only a matter of time before the brow expert came-out with her own branded product. Brows are a tough thing for me. Wax on my face is too scary as is someone else plucking or threading, so for the most part I shape […]

Tue 10.27

Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum

There is so much talk about lash enhancers, but what about the brows? In my opinion, brows are what frame the rest of your face. I have a full shape to my brows, but the hairs are on the sparse and thin side. I usually fill them in, but at the ends of the brows, […]