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Tue 09.06

Clinique Teams with Milly for FNO and Fashion Week

Clinique and Milly have once again team-up for Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out! Designer Michelle Smith will be at Bloomingdale’s 59th St. in NYC  at 5:30pm on September 8th to pose for pictures and offer fashion/beauty advice. She also designed a beauty gift set available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s Clinique counters nationwide (as well as … Continue reading Clinique Teams with Milly for FNO and Fashion Week

Fri 08.05

Limited Edition Harajuku Lovers Tweezerman

There are no tweezers better than those from Tweezerman – none! The best part is they’re affordable and last forever (I’m talking years). Of course beauty and fashion brands don’t like us to keep things for years so they have to come up with innovative ways to get us to buy newer versions of what … Continue reading Limited Edition Harajuku Lovers Tweezerman

Fri 07.15

Chanel Perfect Brows or Benefit Brows A-Go-Go: Which Kit is More High-Brow?

Most makeup artists insist brows are the most important element of the face – they can compliment (or detract from) your other features and your overall bone structure more so than anything else. True, they frame your face, so maybe we should pay them some well-deserved attention. While many of us can get by with … Continue reading Chanel Perfect Brows or Benefit Brows A-Go-Go: Which Kit is More High-Brow?

Wed 04.13

Beauty is Life Tweezers: A Life-Changer

I am about to end the longest relationship I’ve ever had in my life. I have been fully committed to my Shu Uemura tweezers for 20 years. They were the best, bar none, so I had no reason to play the field. But along came Beauty is Life aluminum tweezers and I realized I’d had … Continue reading Beauty is Life Tweezers: A Life-Changer

Tue 02.15

Frugal Snob: essence Winter Collection

There’s frugal and then there’s FRUGAL and essence is frugal with everything from “f” to “l” in bold capital letters! I’m talking cheaper than Revlon, Rimmel London, L’Oreal, and pretty much every other drug store buy you can think of. How does that translate when it comes to quality? Don’t expect smoother than smooth eye … Continue reading Frugal Snob: essence Winter Collection

Fri 01.21

BOOMing Brows

Big brows are back but if you plucked/waxed/threaded yours to nothing, don’t worry– it’s easy to fake it!  According to uber popluar Boom Boom Brow bar, you must adhere to the 4 factors of perfect brows : Color, Length, Width and Arch Go a little bolder (but not too dark, cookie) – tinting is a … Continue reading BOOMing Brows

Wed 01.12

Smashbox Brow Tech

If there is one trouble spot I have with beauty, it’s eyebrows. I’m not sure why this is, because I have decent brows. They have good shape to them and aren’t too thin or thick, yet I never think they have the strong look that I want when I study my own photos closely (I … Continue reading Smashbox Brow Tech

Wed 10.13

Dianna Agron: Autumn Nudes

Do not let the cooler months keep you from sun kissed and gorgeous looking skin! I’m obsessed with Glee and though I’m not a fan of Quinn (I mean Dianna) on the show, I have to admit she’s one freakishly gorgeous girl. Does she not look like a Anime character with those huge eyes, perfect … Continue reading Dianna Agron: Autumn Nudes

Wed 07.14

Shobha’s New Brow Pencil

Shobha is known for expert brow threading and waxing, so it makes sense that they would add an eye brow pencil ($16) to their line-up of products. I was sent a sample of the above pencil and it was good timing because I recently had my hair highlighted, but didn’t have time to get my … Continue reading Shobha’s New Brow Pencil