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Thu 05.27

Smythson Small Make-Up Brush Roll

Because clothing isn’t the part of your wardrobe that deserves some tender love and care when traveling, Smythson has created a make-up brush roll in a shocking magenta pink hue that’s guaranteed to tickle your style buds. Compact and stylish, the brush roll comes stocked with five make-up brushes and a set of tweezers and … Continue reading Smythson Small Make-Up Brush Roll

Tue 04.06

Hourglass Brushes

Prescriptives was one of my all-time fave beauty brands (RIP!), and among the items I always turned to them for were their brushes. While they weren’t the sleekest, their brushes were soft, yet dense and always applied the perfect amount of foundation/blush (note- you can still get some Prescriptives items online). I find that so … Continue reading Hourglass Brushes

Wed 03.10

Sephora Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

The day after the end of New York Fashion Week I made my way back to Bryant Park for an event that Sephora hosted to unveil their S/S 2010 collection. A number of goodies were revealed, but see below for the most exciting! All items will be launching nationwide at Sephoras in May. Color Play … Continue reading Sephora Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Fri 01.15

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

Everyone, stop what you’re doing and go out and buy this immediately. I LOVE this so much, I cannot imagine life without it. When I was considering it, I had to really justify $200 for a brush when seemingly my hands were perfectly functional and adequate for washing my face. I missed the last two … Continue reading Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

Wed 01.06

Klix Brushes

When I first started using make up brushes, I was told I needed to wash them regularly to rid of “bacteria”.  I ignored the advice in college cuz I kept thinking, it’s my germs and I’m not sharing the brushes with anyone so why should I worry.  Well, a forehead full of tiny bumps is … Continue reading Klix Brushes

Tue 11.24

Give the gift of beauty: Holiday Gift Guide Part Three- SPORTY SNOB

Sporty Snob My surfing girlfriends will love Bobbi’s Beach set– even when they are away from the beach they can carry the scent of the ocean with them.  I’m addicted to the scent and am hoping they’ll come out with a shampoo/conditioner soon.  Bobbi Brown Beach Set here $75 Is she forgoing surf for ski … Continue reading Give the gift of beauty: Holiday Gift Guide Part Three- SPORTY SNOB

Mon 11.23

Give the gift of beauty: Holiday Gift Guide Part two- JET SET SNOB

Jet Set Snob I plan on buying this for everyone on my list.  Bobbi’s mini brushes are life savers, I keep a set of the mini brushes in my make up bag for days like today– had to meet a friend immediately after a facial– and for the plane.  Bobbi Brown Cosmetic Bag with Mini … Continue reading Give the gift of beauty: Holiday Gift Guide Part two- JET SET SNOB

Mon 08.17

Smythson Make-Up Brush Roll

Skip this post if you’re on any kind of a budget! For those who have the means to indulge their whims however, how chic is this this Smythson Make-Up Brush Roll ($540)? Made from subtle coral-colored calfskin it has a papaya colored leather lining and comes with 8 professional quality brushes and tweezers. It couldn’t … Continue reading Smythson Make-Up Brush Roll

Wed 07.01

Best Angled Eyeliner Brush, EVER!

I was introduced to “Motives” cosmetics by a bag designer friend, Adriana Castro. She has the world’s most beautiful and velvety skin and she told me her secret was a line called Motives cosmetics. I asked to be put in touch with the Creative Director, Loren Ridinger, and have hounded her ever since. Seriously, this … Continue reading Best Angled Eyeliner Brush, EVER!