Mon 12.17

Smythson Beauty Bureau

Can anything be more fabulous for a Beauty Snob AND a Bag Snob than this leather beauty bureau from the luxury line Smythson of Bond Street? It comes with all the sable brushes shown but you provide all your own favorite beauty products for the ultimate in vanity decadence. Keep this on your dresser and […]

Thu 11.15

Bobbi Brown Fantasy Trunk

Holy beauty heaven!! Looks like Santa has done his market research and created the most awesome beauty set the world has ever seen! I mean, who wouldn’t want a luxurious pink leather trunk filled with everything you could possibly want from Bobbi Brown? It’s like going to the Bobbi Brown counter and taking home their […]

Tue 09.18

Prescriptives: The luxury of custom blend

Prescriptives make up was a favorite when I was in college but through the years had faded to the back of my mind as a fond memory. I still remember the gray compacts I used to carry around with me in the early ’90s, it was so modern and chic, the young and cool sibling […]

Mon 07.16

Smashbox Brush Cleaner

It’s really important to keep your makeup brushes clean. Dirty makeup brushes lead to germs and bacteria and makeup that just doesn’t look right because it has little bits of last weeks makeup stuck in it. I know that good, old soap and water will work fine to clean your brushes, but in my mind, […]