Wed 08.22

Shopping Find: The Detox Market

I’m completely obsessed with The Detox Market. I’m not even sure how exactly I stumbled upon this website, but they’ve got a killer selection of beauty products, including a number of under-the-radar brands. They specialize in non-toxic, natural brands and they have a store in Venice, California…how I missed it when I was on Abbot […]

Tue 07.03

Naked Princess: Luxe Lip and Body Products

Gross fact – the average woman will ingest over 2 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! With that in mind I’m trying to be a little more cautious of what I let touch my lips these days and was therefore immediately drawn to Naked Princess (OK…the catchy name had a little something to do with […]

Fri 01.27

Top 5 Gifts for Men on Valentine’s Day: Soothe His Heart Away

So Valentine’s Day is on the horizon like a shark in the water, and you don’t know what to get an important guy in your life. Well, I’ve got news for you: he wants to be pampered! While we may not admit it, guys like to feel and look good too! So here’s a go-to […]

Wed 12.28

SoulCycle by Jonathan Adler Grapefruit Candle

Soul Cycle has the most insane cult following that you can ever imagine — and with good reason! In one of my fave recently published books, Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut, Jill Kargman calls it her spin-nagogue and there couldn’t be a more apt description. When I’m super-stressed or need to fit into that […]

Mon 11.28

Rodial Life & Style and Holiday Gift Sets

This past summer Rodial founder Maria Hatzistefanis hosted an event to preview her Nip + Fab line, which is now at Target and while I was getting a sneak peak at that, I was also able to check-out her Life & Style range. Truth be told I don’t even know if I was supposed to […]

Mon 11.21

New Brand Alert: Thompson Ferrier

I’m not a big drinker and not a fan of taking baths, so when I’m looking to unwind after a long day it’s all about a candle (and Bravo TV of course…!). Unfortunately candle prices have gotten out of control lately and worse yet so many of the $70-plus ones don’t have scents that linger […]

Wed 10.19

Molton Brown Myrrh Muske & Cypress Fine Liquid Hand Wash and Medio Candela: What Makes a House a Home

Most might have Halloween on the mind, but I am already preparing for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s time to prep my house for a big group of guests – the more the better! I am having someone come and decorate (I can’t strike the right balance of festive but not cheesy, so I seek […]

Mon 07.04

Red Flower Candles

Not that Red Flower’s candles, priced at $35, are by any means cheap, but bearing in mind how beautiful they look, how refreshingly great they smell, and the fact that they’re sold at Barneys I for sure was expecting them to be at least $50. It wasn’t until I got the Japanese Peony one to […]

Wed 04.13

Jo Malone Decorated Home Candles by David Hicks

Jo Malone is all about a clean, elegant, and under-stated aesthetic so I was surprised to see that they were introducing some vibrant patterns to their candles. They’ve just teamed up with interior designer David Hicks (whose daughter, India Hicks, was a bridesmaid at Princess Diana’s wedding and will be covering the up-coming royal wedding), […]