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Mon 11.21

New Brand Alert: Thompson Ferrier

I’m not a big drinker and not a fan of taking baths, so when I’m looking to unwind after a long day it’s all about a candle (and Bravo TV of course…!). Unfortunately candle prices have gotten out of control lately and worse yet so many of the $70-plus ones don’t have scents that linger […]

Wed 10.19

Molton Brown Myrrh Muske & Cypress Fine Liquid Hand Wash and Medio Candela: What Makes a House a Home

Most might have Halloween on the mind, but I am already preparing for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s time to prep my house for a big group of guests – the more the better! I am having someone come and decorate (I can’t strike the right balance of festive but not cheesy, so I seek […]

Mon 07.04

Red Flower Candles

Not that Red Flower’s candles, priced at $35, are by any means cheap, but bearing in mind how beautiful they look, how refreshingly great they smell, and the fact that they’re sold at Barneys I for sure was expecting them to be at least $50. It wasn’t until I got the Japanese Peony one to […]

Wed 04.13

Jo Malone Decorated Home Candles by David Hicks

Jo Malone is all about a clean, elegant, and under-stated aesthetic so I was surprised to see that they were introducing some vibrant patterns to their candles. They’ve just teamed up with interior designer David Hicks (whose daughter, India Hicks, was a bridesmaid at Princess Diana’s wedding and will be covering the up-coming royal wedding), […]

Mon 04.04

Kat Burki Cosmos Collection

I’m not a huge follower of astrology, but without fail at the beginning of every month I check my horoscope on Astrology Zone because, why not? Nothing to lose being “prepared” and Susan Miller is eerily accurate sometimes (if her name sounds familiar it might be because she’s Elle‘s astrology expert). With that in mind […]

Mon 01.10

Voluspa Candles: Not for the weak!

If you like really strong scented candles you should try Voluspa Candles (I have trouble pronouncing it, too).  I have never experienced such strong fragranced candles in my life!  And it’s not always a good thing, especially if it’s a scent you can not stand.  But in a scent you love (for me it’s gardenia […]

Tue 12.14

Holiday Gifts for the Person Who Has It All

Chances are there’s someone on your list who’s impossible to shop for. Either they never know what they want (like my indecisive best friend Christine), are super picky (like my mama), or already have everything they want (ever since my dad got himself a new Maserati there’s pretty much nothing that seems to be able […]

Fri 12.03

Frugal Snob: Kiss My Face Charity Holiday Collection

Anything that gets the seal of approval of my local Health Nut store, Fairway’s organic/health section, and Whole Foods usually gets my vote – and Kiss My Face is prominently displayed at all three (note that if you’re in NYC some items from the line are currently on sale at Fairway:-)). A favorite of those […]

Mon 11.29

Laduree Perfumed Candle Collection

I was shopping in the home section at Bergdorf Goodman a few days ago when I spotted a table with over a dozen candles in an array of eye-catching colors. I immediately began to sniff away and whilst making my way down the line of scents, I noticed that the candles were from Laduree! Candles […]