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Wed 08.18

Tocca Candle Collection

Aside from Dayna Decker, Tocca takes the cake for me when it comes to candles. Sleek and classic, they can blend into pretty much any room decor and the scents do not dissipate after the first 2-3 uses like so many others. The display of Tocca candles just got even more chic via a new […]

Thu 07.15

Fresh x Eat, Pray, Love Fragrance Collection

Talk about thinking outside the box! In celebration of the August 13 release of the new Sony Pictures film “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts, Fresh has created a fragrance collection by the same name based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. The trio of offerings from Fresh launches on July 15, and was […]

Mon 07.05

New from Fresh

A few weeks ago I went over to the Fresh headquarters to check-out their Eat, Pray, Love collection. Until recently it was top secret (I had to sign something where I promised to keep a tight lip!), so I’m excited to finally share what I learned about the collection! Based on the best-selling memoir by […]

Wed 06.23

Lafco New York’s House and Home Candle Collection

I almost always have candles burning in my apartment – hence almost every table, unfortunately, having wax stains! Candles really set the mood in a room and a scent that works in your bathroom is probably not going to work for your kitchen or your bedroom. To take the guesswork out for us, Lafco New […]

Fri 05.07

Cowshed Spa at Soho House | Mother’s Day

Hey New York! Treat mom to a day at the Cowshed Spa at the SoHo House this weekend! We love Cowshed’s all natural premium quality products made with minimal use of preservatives. These ingredients are extracted from leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds (sounds yummy doesn’t it?!) Even better that Cowshed makes every effort to source […]

Tue 03.30

Frugal Snob: Caldrea for Target

Growing-up in Manhattan it was quite the adjustment when I went upstate to Cornell for college (I didn’t even know how to drive at that point!). While I missed a lot of city things, Ithaca had one thing that Manhattan didn’t — Target (ooo how I miss being a 5 minute drive away from Target!). […]

Fri 02.05

Booty Parlor’s Beauty Bombshell Valentine’s Giveaway

Booty Parlor is the latest craze in Hollywood among celebrities like Jessica Alba, Brooke Shields, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Love Hewitt (who throws Booty Parlor Sexy Shopping Parties at home!!). To celebrate the sexiest day of the year, we are giving away a custom Beauty Bombshell Love Kit (I put this kit together myself so […]

Fri 02.05

Jimmy Jane Ember Massage Candle

Spice up your Valentine’s Night with this very sexy and ingenious candle from Jimmy Jane. The candle comes in a holder with a pour spout, when the candle wax melts it becomes a massage oil that pours onto the body. I told you it was sexy!! My first question was, “Ouch! Isn’t it hot?” But […]

Wed 01.27

Godiva Launches Candles

I live a handful of blocks from a Godiva shop and it’s a near-daily struggle to restrain myself from their decadent, smooth, chocolaty goodness (and those chocolate-dipped strawberries!). I’m not saying that candles could ever, ever, EVER be a substitute for chocolate which has forever been my weakness, but if they could the just-launched ones […]