Mon 01.18

Alexa Rodulfo Candles

Note to reader: I take candle recommending very seriously. These are, after all, scents designed to rub my olfactory bulbs the right way. So it’s with a heartfelt two thumbs up that I endorse Alexa Rodulfo‘s decadent new candle collection. The quintet of scents–Bois D’Alexa, Bois Sauvage, Bois Blanc and Bois D’Amour–are the brainchild of […]

Mon 12.28

Upper Canada Soap Aroma Cocktails

Upper Canada Soap has just come-out with some cocktail inspired waterbead diffusers that come in drink-inspired packaging. It’s kind of ironic that I love these because I’m not a big drinker at all (except if the drink involves champagne…), but I will so be displaying one of these diffusers come New Year. I’ve actually added […]

Wed 12.16

New from Dermalogica

About two weeks ago Dermalogica had a little event in their new Soho boutique and I was able to check-out some of their recently launched products. Prior to going to the store I had actually never tried anything from the line, but I was super impressed by how knowledgeable the staff was. One of their […]

Tue 12.15

DayNa Decker Holiday Buys

It’s impossible to be on the beauty floor at Bergdorf Goodman and not be drawn to the DayNa Decker section. The beauty maven and former Ford model has one of the most enticing lines of bath and body products, along with a variety of very distinctive candles. I’m loving their Botanika collection for holiday because […]

Wed 07.01

Life: A New Range from Space NK

I have to preface this post by saying that there are incredible markdowns going on right now on Space NK products. Candles are on sale for less than $10 at their namesake locations, at Bloomingdale’s, and online (they’re not in a special sale section so just got to Space NK-branded product section and browse!). Space […]

Wed 04.08

Healthy, Natural Candles

I’m a candle fanatic. Absolutely love having a burning candle near me when I’m home (even though nearly all my furniture is very modern and made from big, heavy wood so I’m always a smidgen nervous!). A lot of people don’t realize however that traditional paraffin candles are one of the major sources of indoor […]

Wed 12.31

Snob Trend of 2008 — Part II

Below is the second and final installment of 2008 Snob Trends! 11. Healthy Candles: Who knew that candles could be a health hazard? The folks at Lavanila thankfully! This year candle lovers could breath easy knowing that they weren’t inhaling the chemicals contained in many traditional paraffin candles — which release toxins and soot that […]

Fri 12.05

The Scent of Fabulous: Vintage Gardenia from Jo Malone

My friend Janet gave me a Jo Malone candle in Vintage Gardenia and I am now obsessed with the scent.  I have always been a gardenia freak; my dream is to have a garden full of gardenia trees so I can pick fresh gardenias every morning for my table (it can be done if my […]

Wed 11.26

Tocca Bagno da Viaggio

Tocca has three Bagno da Viaggio gift sets for the holidays. They all look great, but the one that stands-out (and the one I tried-out!), is the Cleopatra ($48) one. It’s an almond oil-enriched bath and body collection infused with grapefruit and cucumber and packaged in a Tocca signature box. The set includes — 4 […]