Celeb Beauty
Thu 04.18

Get the Look: Rachel McAdams’ Orange Lipstick

According to Pantone orange was the color of the year last year, but since you can’t exactly go out any regular old day in green lipstick (the color of the year this year), I’m all for the orange lips we’ve been seeing on the red carpet. Plus, orange is one of those colors that will […]

Wed 04.17

Get the Look: Taylor Swift Casual Headband

I love having my hair out of my face. I’ve just always been a hair up kind of a gal – even if it’s causing some seriously unfortunate and painstaking hair loss…gah! I’m trying to get myself out of the tight bun/ponytail look and an easy transition (somewhat at least…old habits are hard to break!), has […]

Mon 04.08

Get the Look: Elle Macpherson’s Nude Lip

Nothing goes better with a bold smoky eye than a nude lip, but what people tend to forget is that it’s a versatile look that would work just as well with a more neutral eye, as Elle Macpherson demonstrates in the image above. The key is to make sure your lips don’t disappear. For that […]

Tue 04.02

Get the Look: Salma Hayek’s Minimal Makeup

In the spirit of the weather getting warmer, I’m feeling inspired by Salma Hayek’s minimal makeup look. I rarely wear lipstick and recently have replaced my teal/blue/black/brown shadows with nudes, so I’ve been working on mastering this look full throttle. On a side note I also should add that there’s isn’t a single guy I […]

Wed 03.27

Tracy Anderson’s Hair Salon: From Workout to Blowout

I love blowouts. In Taipei, it’s completely normal to have them done two-three times a week. Seriously, everyone I know does it! It’s not as expensive as you’d think – most places charge $10 USD, or in a fancier salon, $15 – $20. My daily routine in the summer is yoga, shower, then off to […]

Wed 03.27

Get the Look: Bar Refaeli’s Tan

You know when it’s time to stop dating someone? When they say something like “when’s the last time you went to Miami? You look REALLY pale.” Ya… as if I wasn’t self conscious enough about my pale skin! I’m going to Hong Kong and Australia in a week and hopefully I’ll be getting some rays, […]

Wed 03.20

Get the Look: Aerin Lauder’s Loose Wave

Aerin Lauder is the female version of Tom Ford. I’ve never seen her look anything other than impeccable and she is admirably graceful and well spoken. She was walking in front of me on Park Avenue a few days ago and I was in awe of her loose, frizz-free waves (it had just rained for […]

Fri 03.15

Get the Look: Two-Toned Eye Shadow

I am dying over the looks featured in Tom Ford’s latest ad campaigns! Interestingly while one is for lipstick and the other one is for a fragrance, it’s the eyes I’m captivated by on both. Both models have gorgeous lashes – little surprise because Ford’s mascara is out of this world (so much so in […]

Mon 03.04

Look Stretchmark-Free, Celebrity Mama Style

It’s kind of insane how some celebrities are able to bounce back after pregnancy (Claire Danes being the latest…). The key from everything I’ve heard is to stay active during your pregnancy. To that end Tracy Anderson launched a series of workouts DVDs, which she filmed in real time during her pregnancy. There is one […]