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Diet and Exercise
Wed 07.08

Your Smoothie Cures For Glowing Skin, Better Digestion, and Hangovers

As much as I wish the old “you are what you eat” saying wasn’t true (as I daydream about Levain cookies), there’s no doubt about it. The upside is that many everyday “ailments” can be cured by small dietary tweaks…

Wed 06.24

Arnica: This Skincare Ingredient will Boost Your Workout

Soreness is good. It means you actually worked hard during your workout and now it’s time for your body to repair itself. I spoke with Eric Orton, the famous run coach in Born to Run, a few weeks ago and he told me something that surprised me, however.

Thu 06.11
It's National Running Month!

The Five Running Tips You Need to Know

I hate running, but once a week I go for a six-mile run with my trainer. Somewhere around mile two I feel like a dying horse and start complaining. If it weren’t for my trainer, I’d probably never make it past mile three, but every week that I cross the six-mile mark, I feel such a sense of accomplishment.

Fri 06.05
A Helpful Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction

A Helpful Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction

By now we all know that sugar addiction is a major health challenge for Americans (we each consume an average of 140 pounds of sugar and white flour every year), and from personal experience many of us know that going cold turkey usually doesn’t work.

Thu 06.04
A Quickie Workout Circuit You Can Do On-The-Go

A Quickie Workout Circuit You Can Do On-The-Go

Whether you’re traveling and confined to your hotel room or you simply don’t have time to hit up the gym, we’ve got a quick workout circuit you can do no matter where you find yourself.

Tue 06.02

Diet and Nightmares: They’re More Related than You Think

Have you ever noticed that you have trouble getting a good night sleep after eating a lot of sugar? I have. And after many nights of sleeping poorly – even after cutting out chocolate late at night – I turned to the culinary nutritionist…

Mon 05.11

The Food and Skin Connection

It’s bad enough that my waist expands every time I overindulge in sweets (and cereal…my weakness!!! I could eat a whole box!), but my skin goes crazy when my diet gets off track as well. It’s no fun to have blotchy skin…

Thu 05.07

Diet Pepsi Will No Longer Contain Aspartame…But that’s Not Enough

One of the biggest “jokes” is the fact that Diet Pepsi is called “diet” when countless studies have shown that diet sodas actually lead to weight gain! Despite what Michelle Obama would like you to believe, it’s not just about calories in and calories out…

Mon 05.04

You Can Now Live Stream Tracy Anderson’s Classes

If I had a penny for all the WTF looks I get every time I do Tracy Anderson’s live stream workout at the gym in Tel Aviv! The gym I go to there is pretty much populated by Hulk-like men and they certainly have not seen anything close to Tracy Anderson’s workout.