Diet and Exercise
Mon 08.05
Top 5 Fat Fighting Foods

Top 5 Fat Fighting Foods: Snack Your Way to Skinny

Just because fall is almost here and you’ll be able to cover yourself up under layers of sweaters doesn’t mean you should let that banging bikini body go! I like to keep a wide range of fat fighting foods at home – for the health benefits more than anything else, but whatever gets you to eat well is good motivation.

Wed 07.03
UP by Jawbone

UP by Jawbone: It’s All in the Wrist

It can be hard to motivate yourself to go to sleep early/exercise/eat better, so Jawbone’s come up with cute little accessory to gently remind us.

Fri 05.10

Experts Dish: How to Fuel for an Active Lifestyle

Ideally we would all get the essential nutrients we need from food, but that isn’t always feasible. While the evidence is murky when it comes to the efficacy of supplements, if you’re at risk for falling short on some key nutrients it’s worth considering consulting a physician or registered dietitian about starting a supplement plan. […]

Fri 04.26

Fit for Fashion with Tracy Anderson: Workout Buddy

I’m sure you’ve already starting panicking about the impending bikini season, but never fear – Tracy Anderson has come to our rescue with this short and sweet exercise video. She gives us the goods on two easy but effective exercises that you can do at home anytime you have a few extra minutes to spare. […]

Mon 03.11

Sports Research Sweet Sweat: Feel the Burn

My spin class is no joke. Serious riders are kicking serious ass. When I feel like dialing back I look at the girls with the tight ass bums and flat tummies, and I bear down and keep pushing (always take one of the bikes in the back of the room). I found out a slim-down […]

Fri 01.18

Newton Running Shoes: The Three Laws of Motion

Barefoot running is the natural way to run, but obviously there are dangers like rocks, asphalt, broken glass, etc. that keep us from actually jogging barefoot. Our feet also need some support when it comes to running to make sure we don’t get injured or ruin our arches. To get the best of both worlds, […]

Mon 12.31

Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series: Mix and Match

A Vitamix is the best investment you can make for your health. It took me a while to think that a $500 blender was actually necessary in my life, but after two years of it in my life, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. This has paid for itself 10-fold. In fact, […]

Mon 10.29

Vega: Brendan Brazier’s Amazing Health Food

I am obsessed with Brendan Brazier. The man is seriously awe-inspiring – a former professional Ironman triathlete and two-time Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, he is one of the only professional athletes in the world whose diet is 100 percent plant-based. He’s written books and travels the world giving talks, but the thing I’m most impressed by is his line of products Vega.

Mon 08.20

Tracy Anderson Wellness Giveaway!

This summer Tracy Anderson hosted a series of Detox Weeks in the Hamptons and at the end each participant was given a massive bag filled with some of the celebrity trainer’s favorite products. Now, thanks to Anderson and Neuro, we’re giving one of our readers the special gift bag! None of the items included in […]