Diet and Exercise
Mon 11.21

The 4 Hour Body, Slow Carb Diet: 12 lbs Gone, and 13 More to Go

After 4 ½ years, I can no longer blame my extra weight on pregnancy, I now have to own it as my own doing (not that pregnancy wasn’t my own doing but psychologically calling it “pregnancy weight” makes a difference). I have lost the motivation I had for weight lost when I was younger when […]

Thu 08.04

Sprayology Diet Power: Spray Away the Pounds?

Weight loss in a homeopathic spray? While it sounds too easy to be true, it’s got to be worth a try. I don’t even want to lose weight, but I decided to try Sprayology‘s Diet Power and be a guinea pig for the sake of this article! The ten-year-old, all-natural, and FDA-approved line of sprays […]

Wed 07.27

Homeopathic Relief: Sprayology

Homeopathy is huge in Germany. Every pharmacy stocks homeopathic products and most have a big Bach selection, so given that both of my parents are from Munich and I grew up going there multiple times a year I’ve long been into trying homeopathic remedies to sooth everyday problems. I’m a very health conscious person and […]

Thu 05.05

Bolthouse Farms Bom Dia Coconut Splash: Good Hydrations

Electrolytes are so important, especially when you travel as much as I do (and when you sip bubbly along the way!). Coconut water has been making a name for itself as the hydrator of choice for some time now; infused with real mango fruit juice, Bom Dia Coconut Splash is as natural as it gets […]

Tue 04.19

CocoXan: Chocolate with Benefits

I have no self-control when it comes to chocolate (chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, even if you put a piece of chocolate sheet cake in front of me I’d eat it up with such love you’d think it was a Francois Payard masterpiece!). Needless to say I have my moments of […]

Thu 03.31

Interview with Bianca Jade aka MizzFit

Bianca Jade, aka MizzFit, and I initially connected over email because we’re both Cornell Alums who work in similar fields. When we first met in person, totally by chance, at a random Fashion Week event in February we made plans to have coffee and after spending some time with her discussing health and fitness I […]

Tue 03.22

Physique 57 3-Disc Workout Series Volume 2

I’m not one to do an at-home workout. My wood floors aren’t meant for jumping, my TV is mounted fairly high since I live in a duplex with very high brick walls, and working out alone doesn’t come with the energy I feel when I’m in a studio where everyone is into the workout. Plus, […]

Mon 02.28

Interview with Fred Devito, Co-Founder of Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion Program

I’m addicted to my morning workouts at the Upper East Side Sports Club/LA, so it takes a lot for me to go out of my way to try a fitness class somewhere else, especially in the dead of winter when it’s freezing and the Sports Club/LA is just a two minute walk from my apartment. […]

Wed 02.16

Pharmacopia for Sore Muscles

I treated myself to a massage at the Peninsula the other day because I had a horrible lower back ache. The massage was incredibly relaxing, then again if you like massages, how could it not be?? When in NYC the Peninsula is hands-down the best place to go for a massage (more spacious and zen […]