Diet and Exercise
Wed 02.02

Fashion Week Diet: Four Tines and Rawtella

Crazy how time flies! Fashion Week is just a little over a week away and I’m already getting overwhelmed by the back-to-back schedule, early mornings, and late nights ahead…I know that makes me sound old, but I’m a woman who likes her AM gym time, early dinners, and 7 hours of sleep! When it comes […]

Mon 01.24

Rodial Crash Diet: Will You Try It?

If crash diets, pills, powders, and shakes could effortlessly make us all skinny, we’d all be as thin as we want to be. Sadly as much as we’d like to believe in “magic,” the proof is in the pudding and the only thing that works is good ‘ol diet and exercising. I know that exercising […]

Wed 01.05

Beauty Bookworms

How many of us vow to get healthy every time New Years rolls around? Scratch that…how many of us vow to get healthy almost every day after we’ve indulged in far too many appetizers at a party or eaten a whole pint of ice cream (that was moi yesterday….damn Blue Mountain Organic Mint Chocolate Chip […]

Mon 01.03

Coconut Water: Yay or Nay?

Given that high cholesterol runs in my family, I’ve stayed away from coconuts for most of my life (if I’m gonna indulge in some high cholesterol eats – ice-cream and cheese, please!), but it’s impossible to ignore the coconut water craze going on right now. A few months ago I watched a special on CNBC […]

Tue 12.28

Airline Snack & Food Survey

I try to avoid eating on airplanes as much as possible. On my last trip to Cali however I bought the Healthy Snack Box on my Virgin America flight and inside I found a slew of clearly not healthy snacks including chocolate, over-processed cheese, jam, and apple chips…for the most part, gross. I do have […]

Wed 12.22

BAO Fresh Kombucha

Of course the guys behind BAO Fresh Kombucha are New Yorkers! Who else would totally get the importance of creating nutritious drinks that are not only good for you, but taste great, look cool, and are low in calories? Sure as a life-long Manhattanite I may be biased towards anything local, but BAO’s Kombucha blows […]

Tue 12.21

Stephanie Levinson’s Workout DVDs

I get made fun of a lot by my friends (and my boyfriend!), because I don’t drink much, prefer going to bed early, and rarely if ever sleep any later than 9am. I keep thinking about something Russell Simmons told Ellen Degeneres which was basically that he rather do yoga in the morning than get […]

Mon 12.13

What to Eat in India?? The Raw Food Solution

What to wear? No…What to EAT! That’s my big concern for a trip I’m taking at the end of next week to India! My boyfriend and I are going to a 5-day wedding in Bombay and then traveling around for a bit and the last thing I want to be is holed up in bathroom […]

Mon 12.06

Fitness Expert Loi Jordon’s Workout Tips

Gwyneth Paltrow may have Tracy Anderson, but I have someone I would venture to bet is way better – Loi Jordon. She is the most motivating trainer and group fitness instructor that I’ve ever met and is completely invested in everyone she works with (check her out on the TODAY Show!). She gives 110% – […]