Diet and Exercise
Wed 07.27

Homeopathic Relief: Sprayology

Homeopathy is huge in Germany. Every pharmacy stocks homeopathic products and most have a big Bach selection, so given that both of my parents are from Munich and I grew up going there multiple times a year I’ve long been into trying homeopathic remedies to sooth everyday problems. I’m a very health conscious person and […]

Thu 05.05

Bolthouse Farms Bom Dia Coconut Splash: Good Hydrations

Electrolytes are so important, especially when you travel as much as I do (and when you sip bubbly along the way!). Coconut water has been making a name for itself as the hydrator of choice for some time now; infused with real mango fruit juice, Bom Dia Coconut Splash is as natural as it gets […]

Tue 04.19

CocoXan: Chocolate with Benefits

I have no self-control when it comes to chocolate (chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, even if you put a piece of chocolate sheet cake in front of me I’d eat it up with such love you’d think it was a Francois Payard masterpiece!). Needless to say I have my moments of […]

Thu 03.31

Interview with Bianca Jade aka MizzFit

Bianca Jade, aka MizzFit, and I initially connected over email because we’re both Cornell Alums who work in similar fields. When we first met in person, totally by chance, at a random Fashion Week event in February we made plans to have coffee and after spending some time with her discussing health and fitness I […]

Tue 03.22

Physique 57 3-Disc Workout Series Volume 2

I’m not one to do an at-home workout. My wood floors aren’t meant for jumping, my TV is mounted fairly high since I live in a duplex with very high brick walls, and working out alone doesn’t come with the energy I feel when I’m in a studio where everyone is into the workout. Plus, […]

Mon 02.28

Interview with Fred Devito, Co-Founder of Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion Program

I’m addicted to my morning workouts at the Upper East Side Sports Club/LA, so it takes a lot for me to go out of my way to try a fitness class somewhere else, especially in the dead of winter when it’s freezing and the Sports Club/LA is just a two minute walk from my apartment. […]

Wed 02.16

Pharmacopia for Sore Muscles

I treated myself to a massage at the Peninsula the other day because I had a horrible lower back ache. The massage was incredibly relaxing, then again if you like massages, how could it not be?? When in NYC the Peninsula is hands-down the best place to go for a massage (more spacious and zen […]

Wed 02.02

Fashion Week Diet: Four Tines and Rawtella

Crazy how time flies! Fashion Week is just a little over a week away and I’m already getting overwhelmed by the back-to-back schedule, early mornings, and late nights ahead…I know that makes me sound old, but I’m a woman who likes her AM gym time, early dinners, and 7 hours of sleep! When it comes […]

Mon 01.24

Rodial Crash Diet: Will You Try It?

If crash diets, pills, powders, and shakes could effortlessly make us all skinny, we’d all be as thin as we want to be. Sadly as much as we’d like to believe in “magic,” the proof is in the pudding and the only thing that works is good ‘ol diet and exercising. I know that exercising […]