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Fri 03.25
Clarisonic Mia Fit vs. Foreo Luna

Clarisonic Mia Fit vs. Foreo Luna: The Ultimate Showdown

Clarisonic knockoffs are a dime a dozen, but none have come close to being a viable alternative to the pioneering mechanical exfoliator until the recent launch of Luna ($169). I used the Clarisonic for YEARS. Swore by it…

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Luna versus Clarisonic
Luna versus Clarisonic
Luna versus Clarisonic
Fri 02.05
The Ban on Plastic Microbeads Is Finally Here

The Ban on Plastic Microbeads Is Finally Here

The ban on plastic microbreads was a long time coming. I wrote about it over a year ago and am so happy to see it has finally passed! Here’s the quick summary: a few years ago, a number of beauty brands started using plastic exfoliating beads in their facial and body scrubs instead of natural exfoliators like coffee grounds, sugar, or nuts because the costs are significantly lower. Unfortunately, as a result, billions of plastic microbeads have been polluting waterways and poisoning fish (the beads soak up toxins in the water which are then absorbed by fish who mistakenly eat the beads thinking they’re food).

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The Ban on Plastic Microbeads Is Finally Here
The Ban on Plastic Microbeads Is Finally Here
Tue 09.22

DIY Spa Recipes for Fall

Whether it’s an issue of time or whether it’s an issue of price, for many of us, getting to the spa as often as we’d like simply isn’t an option. With that in mind I asked two experts to share their favorite exfoliating, do-it-yourself recipes to help transition from the warm to the cooler weather.

Tue 08.18

Top 7 Facial Scrubs: Glow Your Own Way

I know that everyone stops you short when you try to say that summer is ending, but sadly, it’s true. And with the conclusion of this beloved season, we also have to say goodbye to those days at the beach that leave you with perfect tans.

Thu 05.21

Shocking, Yet Satisfying Foot Peeling Mask

The allure of baby soft feet is so strong that you’ll go down any road to achieve the look. At least I will. Since I do yoga every day, my feet need to be in tip-top shape so that the rest of me can be too.

Tue 05.12
Lancer Skincare

Lancer Skincare: Bikini Body Talk

All right, it’s finally time for shoulder-bearing – and in some cases, belly-baring – clothes, and if you’re doing it right, getting skin ready for the season is half the fun.

Tue 03.31
Getting Red Carpet Ready

Getting Red Carpet Ready: Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s hard enough creating an easy everyday beauty routine, so when it comes to getting red carpet ready, the stakes only get higher.

Mon 03.02
Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare: Authentic Me

Christie Brinkley makes 60 look like 40, so I’ll eat, drink, and use anything she recommends if it means I that I will come even close to looking as good as she does when I’m 60!

Mon 11.10
Full-Bodied Skin Care

Full-Bodied Skin Care: Splurge vs. Save

Anti-aging shouldn’t stop at the neck. In fact, hands are one of the easiest places to spot someone’s age; they’re rarely cared for as well as the face is, and the rest of the body often ends up equally overlooked. If you really want to stay soft skinned, you must pamper yourself from head to toe…