Eye Cream
Fri 11.30

Sentara Eye Balm and White Flower Cream: Hydration Elation

After loving Sentara’s all weather cream, I started to try other products from the line. Usually when a brand’s beauty treatments are used in conjunction, the results are better (not always, but I wanted to try this out since I had such a great experience), and this time, they were! The unusual consistency of the […]

Thu 10.18

Restorsea: Baby Salmon Soft

I was sent lab samples of Restorsea a month ago. After reading about it in ELLE, I had very high expectations of the natural enzymes used in the cream. It’s the first product to use Vibransea™, a proprietary complex containing a natural enzyme that is released during Norwegian baby salmon hatching. It boasts the same […]

Fri 09.28

Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Eye Cream: Dream Team

You guys know me: I’m super-snobby about what I put on my face. However, I always maintain that high price is not always indicative of great quality (most times, you’re just shelling out for expensive models and ad campaigns). Kiehl’s has been my go-to for basics since college, especially during season transitional months. Their Ultra-Facial […]

Fri 08.17

Own Lifting Eye Cream: In Pursuit of a Boost

A summer of constant jet lag and even more travel (now to Martha’s Vineyard) have left my eyes looking a little…sallow. Even haggard, if you will. Whatever I call them, it’s not good. I need an eye cream that breathes new life into them, stat. Unfortunately, it looks like Own’s Lifting eye cream isn’t the […]

Wed 08.01

NARSskin Leads Us Into the Light:

Who knew François Nars thinks skincare is likely more important than makeup? (It’s the truth.) “Light plays a huge role in how healthy skin can look,” he told WWD. “Skin should reflect the light and makeup should catch it.” Agreed! I attended the opening of the largest Miu Miu boutique in Asia last night, and […]

Thu 07.26

Heat and Perspiration-Resistant Makeup: Rae Cosmetics

Do you wear makeup to the gym? I certainly don’t. I’m acne-prone as is and tend to favor intense workouts so the last thing I need it to clog my pores because of gym-time vanity. That said I can’t help but be intrigued by Rae Cosmetics, a brand that makes makeup specifically for the gym! […]

Tue 07.24

theBalm Cosmetics

I’m a sucker for awesome packaging – whether it be something super luxe like Tom Ford or Cle de Peau or something fun and cheeky like Soap & Glory or Rodial. Recently I came across one that falls in the latter category and I’ve become obsessed. The brand is called theBalm and their products are […]

Thu 05.24
Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream

Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream: After Two Happy Years

I have been using this eye cream for two years. I cannot believe I was able to commit to such a long-term relationship with a beauty product; I usually have too many affairs going on at once to be mostly monogamous…

Thu 05.17

Sampar Age-Antidote Eye Rule: Rule in Favor

There are factors that inevitably age the skin around the eye. Too many factors, in fact: Dermo-contractions, skin-slackening, dehydration, microcirculation, and urban pollution. Eye Rule by Sampar works to fight all these, with enriched formulation with the double-whammy power of swiveling roller-ball action. It increases circulation, and enhances the effectiveness of the anti-aging agents by […]