Eye Cream
Thu 10.18

Restorsea: Baby Salmon Soft

I was sent lab samples of Restorsea a month ago. After reading about it in ELLE, I had very high expectations of the natural enzymes used in the cream. It’s the first product to use Vibransea™, a proprietary complex containing a natural enzyme that is released during Norwegian baby salmon hatching. It boasts the same […]

Fri 09.28

Kiehl’s Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream and Eye Cream: Dream Team

You guys know me: I’m super-snobby about what I put on my face. However, I always maintain that high price is not always indicative of great quality (most times, you’re just shelling out for expensive models and ad campaigns). Kiehl’s has been my go-to for basics since college, especially during season transitional months. Their Ultra-Facial […]

Fri 08.17

Own Lifting Eye Cream: In Pursuit of a Boost

A summer of constant jet lag and even more travel (now to Martha’s Vineyard) have left my eyes looking a little…sallow. Even haggard, if you will. Whatever I call them, it’s not good. I need an eye cream that breathes new life into them, stat. Unfortunately, it looks like Own’s Lifting eye cream isn’t the […]

Wed 08.01

NARSskin Leads Us Into the Light:

Who knew François Nars thinks skincare is likely more important than makeup? (It’s the truth.) “Light plays a huge role in how healthy skin can look,” he told WWD. “Skin should reflect the light and makeup should catch it.” Agreed! I attended the opening of the largest Miu Miu boutique in Asia last night, and […]

Thu 07.26

Heat and Perspiration-Resistant Makeup: Rae Cosmetics

Do you wear makeup to the gym? I certainly don’t. I’m acne-prone as is and tend to favor intense workouts so the last thing I need it to clog my pores because of gym-time vanity. That said I can’t help but be intrigued by Rae Cosmetics, a brand that makes makeup specifically for the gym! […]

Tue 07.24

theBalm Cosmetics

I’m a sucker for awesome packaging – whether it be something super luxe like Tom Ford or Cle de Peau or something fun and cheeky like Soap & Glory or Rodial. Recently I came across one that falls in the latter category and I’ve become obsessed. The brand is called theBalm and their products are […]

Thu 05.24
Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream

Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream: After Two Happy Years

I have been using this eye cream for two years. I cannot believe I was able to commit to such a long-term relationship with a beauty product; I usually have too many affairs going on at once to be mostly monogamous…

Thu 05.17

Sampar Age-Antidote Eye Rule: Rule in Favor

There are factors that inevitably age the skin around the eye. Too many factors, in fact: Dermo-contractions, skin-slackening, dehydration, microcirculation, and urban pollution. Eye Rule by Sampar works to fight all these, with enriched formulation with the double-whammy power of swiveling roller-ball action. It increases circulation, and enhances the effectiveness of the anti-aging agents by […]

Mon 05.14

Bobbi Brown Miami Collection: Turn the Beat Around

Bobbi Brown is feeling the heat this summer. More specifically, the Miami heat. Her seasonal collection is designed to make you look like you just spent the last few sunny days lounging in a cabana at the Delano. Or, as she says, it “recreates that fresh glowing look you get at the beach.” Think warm […]