Eye Cream
Mon 05.14

Bobbi Brown Miami Collection: Turn the Beat Around

Bobbi Brown is feeling the heat this summer. More specifically, the Miami heat. Her seasonal collection is designed to make you look like you just spent the last few sunny days lounging in a cabana at the Delano. Or, as she says, it “recreates that fresh glowing look you get at the beach.” Think warm […]

Thu 04.12

Top 5 Big Brights: It’s Electric!

It’s not just me – hot-hue fever seems to be everywhere. Even if I’m too timid to wear these captivating colors out of the house, I can’t help but feel energized just looking at them. From the street to the beach, perk up your lips, eyes, or nails with a brilliant shot of Technicolor. Just […]

Thu 04.05

Soleil Organique Environmental Defense Eye Therapy: The Eyes Have It

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your face and where wrinkles around them are the most visible and unwanted. You have sunscreen to protect the rest of your face, but what about the eyes? Soleil Organique Environmental Defense Eye Therapy is specifically formulated to protect the eye area from the damages of the […]

Fri 03.23

Top 5 Easter Eyes: It’s a Wash

Egg-dyeing and hunting might be fun for the tots, but for us – and our manicures – it’s a mess! Stained hands or not, you can’t deny how alluring the hues of spring are, especially when it comes to the food coloring we use on our craft projects. To celebrate Easter Sunday, why not make […]

Thu 03.01

DDF Skincare Analysis: Technology is Skin-Deep

I had an in-depth skin analysis from DDF (Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula) at Sephora during Fashion Week. Consultants from the skincare line were doing a free cross-country tour throughout February, and I’m so happy I made it in. I have to thank Roy, the lovely skincare expert who helped me discover I’ve been treating my skin […]

Wed 02.08

VBeauté It Kit: The Latest It Girl

At a recent party in Dallas, my friend Ana Pettus treated me to an “It Kit,” created by Julie Macklowe, the founder of VBeauté. Many of my friends have already raved about the line – developed, high-tech skincare with a focus on aging skin – but it was this chic travel set I fell in […]

Fri 01.27

Top 5 Gifts for Men on Valentine’s Day: Soothe His Heart Away

So Valentine’s Day is on the horizon like a shark in the water, and you don’t know what to get an important guy in your life. Well, I’ve got news for you: he wants to be pampered! While we may not admit it, guys like to feel and look good too! So here’s a go-to […]

Fri 01.20

Fresh Crème Ancienne Infusion Toner: A Fresh Start

I buy Fresh Ancienne eye cream by the pack (well, two or three at a time, but that’s a pack to me!), and I’ve introduced so many friends to it who all agree: it’s one of the best eye creams on the planet! I am so excited they are launching Crème Ancienne Infusion toner. For […]

Thu 01.19

Eye Cream vs. Moisturizer: Renée’s Keeping an Eye Out for Us

When I got back from Florence, my skin was so dehydrated I decided to “treat it” with eye cream all over my face. Little did I know, this is a big no-no. Luckily, I asked skincare guru Renée Rouleau for her advice on the topic, and she explained the big differences between eye creams and […]