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Eye Shadows
Fri 03.15

MAC Hayley Williams: Red-Orange Riot

Hayley Williams may be known as the lead singer of Paramore, but she’s also known for her unapologetically bright hair. The heady orange tint demands so much attention that MAC has been inspired to create a four-piece line in honor of Hayley’s signature hue – a pretty impressive feat for a 24-year old! Considering I’m […]

Fri 03.15

Get the Look: Two-Toned Eye Shadow

I am dying over the looks featured in Tom Ford’s latest ad campaigns! Interestingly while one is for lipstick and the other one is for a fragrance, it’s the eyes I’m captivated by on both. Both models have gorgeous lashes – little surprise because Ford’s mascara is out of this world (so much so in […]

Fri 02.01

Aerin Limited-Edition Garden Color collection

  Aerin Lauder is well on her way to building a namesake empire of her own with a full-fledged line of home and beauty products (shoes are launching shortly). I was recently sent some items from her new limited edition Garden Color Collection and I immediately saw the Estee Lauder influence. Quality-wise the two brands […]

Wed 01.30

Frugal Snob: Colorful Eyeshadow Custom Palette Case and Shadows

If you’re on a budget that’s tight, but not super tight, there is no better beauty brand than Sephora’s namesake one. I’ve tried a ton of their products – from cleansers and anti-aging creams, to makeup (their mascara and eye liner are amazing) – and all of them have surpassed my expectations. The prices are […]

Mon 01.28

DeVita Natural Skin Care: Lipstick Without the Ick

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I figure if you want to do something…don’t wait…change it now! That said I couldn’t help but make a few. In 2013 I want to start running outdoors, I want to make it to a 9pm Barry’s Bootcamp class (I’m just curious to see the kind of crowd […]

Thu 01.17

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tints: Crayon Craze

I’ve always been able to keep my morning routine to a cool 3 minutes thanks to shadow sticks. My grandmother used to let me play with hers in the ‘70s when they were slick like oil pastels and would smudge (I used them on my Barbies!). And this is why shadow sticks are popular – […]

Fri 01.04

Estee Lauder Pure Color Pretty Naughty Collection

It’s kind of funny to me that Estee Lauder’s Spring 2013 collection is called Pretty Naughty because Lauder is one of the last brands I think of when it comes to naughty – hence the double entendre with “pretty” I presume. The brand’s take on naughty is just up my alley because it balances soft […]

Thu 12.27

Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection: Ballet Beauty

After the harsh neon hues of late, this is a welcome change! A new year calls for a fresh start, and Laura Mercier’s limited edition Arabesque Collection is just that. The products are light and airy, just the way I like my makeup, and will flatter your face as it is, rather than try to […]

Thu 12.13

Anne Hathaway x Chanel: Flawlessly Fantine-tastic

Anne Hathaway may have lost 25 pounds to play dying prostitute Fantine in Les Misérables, but on the film’s red carpet she was fresh faced and gorgeous! Even her short-cropped hair has a perfect healthy shine. Yes, she’s a bit smug, but she has every right to be, even though it’s highly irritating at times. […]