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Lash Conditioner
Tue 12.08

LANCERx Lash Conditioner

Everyone is using some sort of lash extending treatment or another. I have almost all of them but for some reason I couldn’t get myself to start using them, I think because I am afraid they won’t work and I will have to live with the fact that nothing will ever give me the lashes […]

Tue 10.06

LASH ALLURE: From Lashes to Riches! $100,000 CASH Giveaway!

About three weeks ago I was sent a sample of Lash Allure, a physician formulated lash growth serum. I had my doubts but dutifully tried it in order to review for you guys. I used it morning and night diligently each day and really didn’t notice anything until this last week in New York City. […]

Fri 08.28

MD Lash Factor: Grow lashes and fight autism!

I started a new lash conditioner, Md Lash Factor, recently and am so impressed with it that I am forgoing the usual 6-9 week trial period before posting a review.  A friend of mine had been raving about a Taiwanese doctor (Dr. Susan Lin– Ob/Gyn) who had formulated an eyelash conditioner that made her lashes […]