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Mon 03.25

Pop Peak Performance Mascara

Nothing is going to top Tom Ford’s mascara. It’s just amazing. It’s damn expensive however and there are plenty of mascaras that while perhaps not as amazing, more than suffice. Case and point POP Beauty’s Peak Performance Mascara ($20). This mascara has my favorite kind of applicator, a structured one. It’s the applicator that more … Continue reading Pop Peak Performance Mascara

Fri 03.15

Get the Look: Two-Toned Eye Shadow

I am dying over the looks featured in Tom Ford’s latest ad campaigns! Interestingly while one is for lipstick and the other one is for a fragrance, it’s the eyes I’m captivated by on both. Both models have gorgeous lashes – little surprise because Ford’s mascara is out of this world (so much so in … Continue reading Get the Look: Two-Toned Eye Shadow

Wed 02.27

Tom Ford Raven Mascara

I’ve been getting into heated debates about Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection lately, but there’s no not loving his Beauty Extreme Raven Mascara ($42). I posted about it on Facebook and three of my friends have already bought it! Note that if you’re in NYC it’s pretty much sold out everywhere except for the … Continue reading Tom Ford Raven Mascara

Wed 01.23
Chanel Couture Spring 2013 Beauty

Chanel Couture Spring 2013 Beauty: Meshy Lashes

This collection isn’t the jaw-dropping fantasy that we’re used to seeing, but the setting was certainly fantastical – a fairytale forest brought to life inside Paris’s Grand Palais. And for once the couture took a backseat to beauty.

Thu 12.27

Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection: Ballet Beauty

After the harsh neon hues of late, this is a welcome change! A new year calls for a fresh start, and Laura Mercier’s limited edition Arabesque Collection is just that. The products are light and airy, just the way I like my makeup, and will flatter your face as it is, rather than try to … Continue reading Laura Mercier Arabesque Collection: Ballet Beauty

Fri 12.14

Best Beauty of 2012: And the Award Goes to…

Beauty products are like tech products – they just get better and more effective every year. I mean did you know that CC cream is already a thing? I feel like BB just made her first appearance! Some beauty buys can be trendy (dark ‘90s lip liner hasn’t aged so well), but these top choices … Continue reading Best Beauty of 2012: And the Award Goes to…

Thu 12.13

Anne Hathaway x Chanel: Flawlessly Fantine-tastic

Anne Hathaway may have lost 25 pounds to play dying prostitute Fantine in Les Misérables, but on the film’s red carpet she was fresh faced and gorgeous! Even her short-cropped hair has a perfect healthy shine. Yes, she’s a bit smug, but she has every right to be, even though it’s highly irritating at times. … Continue reading Anne Hathaway x Chanel: Flawlessly Fantine-tastic

Tue 12.04

Teen Gift Guide: Teenage Dreams

I love holiday shopping for the teens in my family! When you’re young and beginning to experiment with beauty, it’s the most fun. Bright colors and high shine glosses are king. Teens aren’t as concerned yet with preventative beauty like moisturizers or eye creams, and although it’s great to encourage that foresight, what they’ll thank … Continue reading Teen Gift Guide: Teenage Dreams

Fri 10.19

Trend Talk: Burberry Beauty Giveaway!

I had so much fun tweeting and co-hosting the Burberry Trend Talk event with InStyle Magazine! The ultimate highlight was meeting the InStyle Style Ambassador Tai Beauchamp. Not only is she gorgeous (and TALL!), but she was so much fun to dish beauty with. And I loved meeting all of the Beauty Snobs who attended … Continue reading Trend Talk: Burberry Beauty Giveaway!