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Wed 02.01

Darphin Hydrating Kiwi Mask: Good Hydrations

I was so in love with the Arcona kiwi mask until they discontinued it (why?!?! That always seems to happen to the best products!). But now I can stop crying about it because I’ve moved on: I discovered a better one from my favorite beauty line, Darphin. Bursting with kiwi, mango, and pomegranate extracts, this […]

Thu 01.26

Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask: Make Yourself Clear

Since I’m off scrubbing (after a revelatory talk with Renée Rouleau), I’ve been trying different exfoliating masks. Because even if I’m not scrubbing, I want to know I’ve reached a deep, dead skin-shedding clean. Murad’s Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask serves a multitude of purposes: it has anti-oxidant rich pomegranates, hydrates, brightens, dissolves oils, and smoothes the […]

Fri 12.16

NARS Skin Mud Mask: As Clear as Mud

Mud masks are brilliant for purifying our faces of oil and bacteria, which tend to run rampant in staggering summer heat. When it comes to wintertime, we don’t want to leave our skin neglected; but with all the drying cold, you need a cleansing mask that also hydrates. Stay away from those that strip away […]

Wed 12.07

ABBE Labs Glycolactic Complex Enzyme Peeling Mask: Primetime for Enzymes

Skincare is a science and as technical as it sounds, nothing works better on my skin than papain enzymes (great for getting rid of dead skin cells) and glycolic acid (a genius, deep-penetrating exfoliator). For years, I have used a glycolic mask in conjunction with a papaya enzyme mask. Now the two power ingredients have […]

Wed 11.30

Actifirm: How Important is the Outer Layer?

I’m very often drawn to out-of-the-box packaging. In fact if it wasn’t for fantastic outer layers, I probably wouldn’t own 75% of what’s in my beauty arsenal and I’d be a brand loyalist as soon as I discover an effective product. For obvious sensitive skin-related concerns I’m definitely way more adventurous when it comes to […]

Tue 11.15

Arcona Tea Tree Mask: My Kind of Tea Party

It’s time to get holiday-ready. Southern California-brand Arcona’s products are petrochemical-free and packed with enzymatic-based ingredients and antioxidants so you can put your best face forward. I am devastated that they discontinued their Kiwi Clarifying Peel, a mask I relied on several times a week to thoroughly renew my skin. But the Tea Tree mask […]

Mon 10.24

Bel Mondo Anti-Aging Bio Cellulose Mask: Beautiful World, Beautiful Face

I’m always wary of brands I’ve never heard of (especially when my face is involved!), but this anti-aging mask is a MUST-TRY! If you want a spa experience-level, deeply hydrating facial, this at-home treatment is as close as you can get to booking a session. For my first try, I carefully read the ingredients, tested […]

Tue 09.20

SK-II Signs Eye Mask: Signs of Life

Packing for New York Fashion Week, I made sure I had my entire box of SK-II face masks in my arsenal, but I didn’t have what I really needed: their Signs eye mask (when you work 15 hours a day and sleep five, the eyes give it all away!). Luckily, not only is SK-II in […]

Fri 08.26

Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask: Kiss From a Rose

Sisley Paris was one of the brands I started using in college (thanks to my Beauty Snob aunts!) and one that I go back to regularly (especially if I’m having sensitive skin issues). The latest from the botanical based line is the Black Rose Cream Mask – a new plumping mask that gives your skin […]