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Wed 03.11
Micellar Water

Micellar Water: The New Skincare Product You Need to Know About

Poised to become an industry standard in the same way that BB creams are now commonplace, micellar water is one product you should seriously consider adding into your beauty routine.

Mon 03.09

Essential Oils 101

We’re always hearing about essential oils and their benefits, but you might have found yourself wondering how exactly they should be used and perhaps even what the heck they are!

Mon 03.02
Phace Bioactive

Phace Bioactive: Your pH Matters

Aside from feminine hygiene products and diet, you don’t hear too much talk about pH in beauty, but it’s a very important part and not all products are created with pH optimization in mind.

Mon 03.02
Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare: Authentic Me

Christie Brinkley makes 60 look like 40, so I’ll eat, drink, and use anything she recommends if it means I that I will come even close to looking as good as she does when I’m 60!

Thu 02.19
NYFW Beauty Recap

NYFW Beauty Recap: Last Day Wrap-Up

Fashion Week has wrapped! But sadly not before another few inches of snow was dropped on us. Luckily designers showed some worthy looks on the runway, including killers brows and bird nest-inspired hair.

Tue 02.17
NYFW Beauty Recap #5

NYFW Beauty Recap #5

Check out the beauty looks at NYFW day five!

Mon 02.16
NYFW Beauty Recap #4

NYFW Beauty Recap #4

Get a look at the latest in NYFW beauty!

Sun 02.15
NYFW Beauty Recap #3

NYFW Beauty Recap #3

Check out the latest beauty looks from the runway!

Fri 02.13
NYFW Beauty Recap #2

NYFW Beauty Recap #2

It’s so cold that the air actually hurts your skin when you’re walking around NYC, but fashion must go on! Here’s a look at the latest must-see beauty looks.