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Tue 06.05

Melvita’s New Nectar de Roses

I have to admit that while I consider it a bonus when a product is organic/made with mostly natural ingredients, it’s not something I actively seek out. I do however have great respect for brands, like Melvita, that were pioneers in going eco before it was the “cool” thing to do. Melvita, which is now […]

Mon 06.04

Dorissiderm Non-Scalpel Face Lift Firm & Lift Serum: No Nip/Tuck Necessary

I always scoffed at the prospect of facelifts and plastic surgery. Images of ladies strolling around Beverly Hills with faces pulled back to tightly always came to mind! But that’s not to say I’m going to take aging lying down. I am going to fight aging as best I can without going under the scalpel! […]

Tue 05.08

Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum

You might have heard me gush about Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15 at some point in these last few years because it’s hands down one of my favorite products. It goes on baby bum smooth and is the perfect under-layer for liquid foundation (it also doubles as an eye primer). I always thought that […]

Wed 04.04

YÜLI Skincare: Refreshingly Simple

I’m always a fan of trying something new, and skincare is something where I tend to stick to my favorites. A friend of mine recently introduced me to a new line called YÜLI and from that moment on I was floored. The appeal of the slick packaging and the clean and simple products is honestly […]

Tue 04.03

Glow by Dr. Brandt Ruby Laser Technology Kit

Dermatologist-developed products, for the most part, scare me. I want to maintain my healthy complexion and prevent possible future damage without resorting to anything overly potent that might leave me red in the face — or god knows what else. I have an aversion towards dermatologist that hawk their own product lines (I once went […]

Thu 03.01

DDF Skincare Analysis: Technology is Skin-Deep

I had an in-depth skin analysis from DDF (Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula) at Sephora during Fashion Week. Consultants from the skincare line were doing a free cross-country tour throughout February, and I’m so happy I made it in. I have to thank Roy, the lovely skincare expert who helped me discover I’ve been treating my skin […]

Fri 02.24

Murad Resurgence Anti-Aging Line: To Hell With Changing Hormones!

As we age, our hormones inevitably change, and these changes have many effects on our bodies. Since our skin is the largest organ, it shows the most amount of unwelcomed changes. Murad has created a line specifically for hormonal aging. Whether it’s wrinkles, dark spots, lack of luster, or even hormone-induced acne, this comprehensive line […]

Wed 01.11

Philosophy’s New Oxygen Boost

I’ve never used Philosophy’s Oxygen Peel (I’m not big on peels…), but it always gets rave reviews so I was curious to try Philosophy’s new Oxygen Boost ($50). The boost sounds more or less like a brightening serum so I figured that it could possibly make my treatment creams, which are all anti-aging moisturizers at […]

Tue 01.03

COOLA Launches First Non-SPF Skincare Range

COOLA’s Sport range is one of my go-to SPF lines. It goes on sheer, is non-chalky, and most importantly it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t clog my pores (I’m so pale and fearful of burns that when it’s hot out I’m a machine when it comes to sunscreen application!). The eco-conscious brand’s products are all packed with […]