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Tinted Moisturizer
Thu 11.24

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20: Sheer Delight

When I covered tinted moisturizers just a couple of weeks ago, I purposefully didn’t include the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer since I was still testing it out. Being thorough has served well: as it turns out, this one deserves its own feature. I recently wore it while in New York and beauty snobs everywhere asked […]

Fri 11.11

Tinted Moisturizers Plus SPF: Triple Threats

When it comes to fast-paced mornings followed by long days, tinted moisturizer with SPF is the only way to go. A single easy application does all the work – this is the only three-in-one product I can’t live without. Everyone makes them, but there are vital differences when it comes to how much tint you […]

Fri 07.29

Too Faced Melt-Proofing Makeup: Don’t Sweat It!

“Why be pretty when you can be gorgeous?” is the philosophy behind this edgy cosmetics line and, accordingly, its motto. Agreed! Founded eleven years ago by makeup artist, Jerrod Blandino, and cosmetics expert, Jeremy Johnson, this indie beauty line is the choice of many celebs, including Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Sienna Miller. Too Faced understands […]

Fri 06.17

Estée Lauder DayWear Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer: A Product by Any Other Name…

Whoa! The name seems to say it all – and suggest that this supposed mere moisturizer does it all! I try to avoid a full-coverage foundation at all costs, especially during the summer months (I prefer my actual skin to show through, rather than boast a mask of makeup, which just makes you look worse […]

Mon 06.06

By Terry Soleil Terrybly Hydra-Bronzing Tinted Serum: Tint Your Tan, Fake Your Melatonin

I have no idea why but every time I am at Barneys, the beauty sales associates push By Terry products on me. Sometimes I’ll bite, but most often I listen, test, and report to you. The last such item was the Terrybly Hydra-Bronzing Tinted Serum. Since I would never put anything on my face that […]

Wed 06.01

Look of the Week: Halle Berry Gives Good Face

We all know Halle Berry is a natural beauty, but one of her best assets proves to be the fact that she understands what that really means. The “red carpet” should not translate to “clown face.” Overly painted lips, lids, and face are as ubiquitous at awards shows as Vivier clutches. I’ll take the bags, […]

Wed 05.25

Origins VitaZing SPF15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer: Bada-Bing, Bada-Zing

No time in the morning for anti-age serum, moisturizer, sunblock and foundation? Or more than one of them?! No, none of us has the time, but believe it or not, Origins‘ energizing moisturizer does all of the above and does it well. This magical formulation is really magic: out of the tube, it’s white; as […]

Sat 02.12

Le Metier de Beaute + John Barrett = Fashion Week Beauty Musts

Legendary hair guru, John Barrett, gave me the scoop on hair styles to expect for Dennis Basso’s fashion show next Tuesday! I arrived in NYC on Thursday morning, dropped off my bags at the W Times Square and immediately headed to Bergdorf Goodman (also known as the snob home away from home) to have my […]

Wed 07.07

Somme Institute

I recently re-connected with a girl I went to High School with and in the process of talking it came out that her mother was the President of a very prominent skin care line, Somme Institute. I was lucky enough not only to get to try the line at-home, but have it applied professionally by […]