Wed 10.03

Are Your Beauty Products Killing You?

I am currently obsessed with the Skin Deep Website, a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products from researchers at the Environmental Working Group. I have been on it all weekend looking up every brand in my bathroom, it was shocking how many items in my bathroom are rated “high toxicity” and that may […]

Wed 09.19

Bootie Pies

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle I want to preface this entry by saying that I live in Boston. It gets really cold and really snowy here. That leads to some necessary evils like wearing Ugg boots. I know all the arguments against them. I’ve heard them all and made a few myself. But the fact […]

Mon 07.02

Your Very Own “Cutie Kit”

Don’t be like Paula Abdul and go whining to legislators about an infection you got while getting a manicure. If you are that concerned, and you should be, bring your own set of tools. I know most places “clean” their tool, if by clean you mean putting them in a tupperware box marked “clean”. It […]

Thu 06.28

Lamisilk Foot Therapy

There are many things I can live without, I will leave the house with no make up on, my hair is not always done but I always have a nice bag AND I always have a perfect pedicure. Nothing says “I’m unkempt” louder than gross feet. I would rather stay home than be seen with […]