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Thu 04.24

Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Foot Creme and Repair Hand Creme

I am constantly searching for the perfect hand and foot creams. I try everything! I like to slather lotion on my hands and feet at night right before going to sleep. I recently tried Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Hand and Foot creams, and I’m in love! My feet get really cracked in the winter, especially […]

Wed 03.26

You’ll Flip For Bonnie Marcus!

Never go to Yoga looking slovenly again or leave a pedicure with the ridiculous paper flip flops! Bonnie Marcus has the most adorable line of flip flops and I know you want want to own every pair. I left LA six years ago to move to Dallas but the LA girl inside me still craves […]

Fri 02.29

MAC Fafi

At first glance I was completely frightened by MAC’s Fafi collection (from the photos of the models with brightly painted faces). I was just discussing my junior high school horror stories in the 80’s with you guys and then this showed up at my door. Visions of my Souxie and the Banshees eyeliner with blue […]

Wed 10.03

Are Your Beauty Products Killing You?

I am currently obsessed with the Skin Deep Website, a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products from researchers at the Environmental Working Group. I have been on it all weekend looking up every brand in my bathroom, it was shocking how many items in my bathroom are rated “high toxicity” and that may […]

Wed 09.19

Bootie Pies

Post by Beauty Snob Michelle I want to preface this entry by saying that I live in Boston. It gets really cold and really snowy here. That leads to some necessary evils like wearing Ugg boots. I know all the arguments against them. I’ve heard them all and made a few myself. But the fact […]

Mon 07.02

Your Very Own “Cutie Kit”

Don’t be like Paula Abdul and go whining to legislators about an infection you got while getting a manicure. If you are that concerned, and you should be, bring your own set of tools. I know most places “clean” their tool, if by clean you mean putting them in a tupperware box marked “clean”. It […]

Thu 06.28

Lamisilk Foot Therapy

There are many things I can live without, I will leave the house with no make up on, my hair is not always done but I always have a nice bag AND I always have a perfect pedicure. Nothing says “I’m unkempt” louder than gross feet. I would rather stay home than be seen with […]