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Wed 10.31

Dr. Hauschka Ouch! Aid Arnica Compress

Odds are if you’re a runner/exercise buff you’re familiar with the botanical arnica. The miracle worker is widely used in homeopathic medicine for bruising and massage oil for sore muscles. It’s an anti-inflammatory that works to disperse trapped fluids thus relieving congestion (which is why it can also sometimes be found in eye creams). It […]

Mon 08.20

Tracy Anderson Wellness Giveaway!

This summer Tracy Anderson hosted a series of Detox Weeks in the Hamptons and at the end each participant was given a massive bag filled with some of the celebrity trainer’s favorite products. Now, thanks to Anderson and Neuro, we’re giving one of our readers the special gift bag! None of the items included in […]

Wed 04.11

The Hottest Workout in Town

I’m a born and raised Manhattanite, but a recent trip to L.A. has me thinking I was possibly born on the wrong coast! I love the heat and by love I mean LOVE. My apartment is kept at near sauna-level temperatures and if the temperature outside is anything less than high 60s I will inevitably […]

Mon 01.16

Go Surfing…at the Gym

I’ve never been surfing so I was excited to have the opportunity take a class at SurfSET Fitness, which has setup temporary shop at Chelsea Piers in New York City. SurfSET is touring 11 cities across the country in the next nine months, offering “pop-up” classes in fitness clubs and boutique studios so that people […]

Sat 01.14

Barbara Butler Play Structures: Avenues of Escape

You all know how much I love fantasy play structures. The most fantastical of them all are created by the renowned San Francisco builder and designer, Barbara Butler. She can literally turn your backyard into something straight out of Disneyland. In fact, Disney Productions (along with Robert Redford, Will Smith, and Kevin Klein) are clients. […]

Fri 01.06

Trek Bicycles for Kids: A Great First Set of Wheels!

Trek, a company long known for producing outstanding bicycles, has cornered the market on kids’ bikes. They know exactly how to build a kid-friendly, safe, long-lasting bicycle. Their exclusive Dialed Fit system allows the bike to grow with your child. How genius is that? The Dialed Fit Frame adjusts the frame and fork of the […]

Tue 12.27

The Physique 57 Solution

When it comes to working out I’m kind of a cardio addict, but I know that fitness is all about a balance and exclusively taking spin classes isn’t a good idea for anyone. It’s important to do both cardio and weight/resistance training and to that end I try to get to Physique 57 as often […]

Thu 10.13

Lessons Learned from Acupuncture and Cupping

Since I exercise regularly I’ve been trying to be diligent about getting massages because while it’s relaxing to get them sporadically, for them to actually be effective there’s no way around the fact that you need to get them regularly (plus I’m a hypochondriac so I’m always worried about the “health” of my knees, back, […]

Mon 09.12

Looking to Shed Some LBS? Consider this “Test”

A few days ago I went to Peak Performance, a very well-known training gym here in NYC to do an iMett Analysis. Before my recent Miami trip I spoke with the ladies behind Well + Good NYC and one of them told me that when she went to Canyon Ranch in South Beach taking this […]