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Wed 08.17

Barry’s Bootcamp – Because You Want to Fit Into “That” Dress

I’ve never believed in quick fixes — no one’s going to go from frump to fab in a week (at least not safely), but sometimes you just NEED to fit into that dress. I have a wedding this weekend and I have the most fantastic Ports 1961 dress I want to wear. The problem is […]

Tue 07.12

SoulCycle: The Ultimate Workout

Even though every morning it’s a struggle to get myself out of bed for it, when I don’t take a class at my gym or at a studio somewhere else in Manhattan I usually feel like I’m not as alert (or, honestly, as happy), as I could be. The one exception to this is when […]

Mon 06.06

Interview with Holistic Health Coach Robyn Youkilis

I met Robyn through a mutual friend and she’s a fantastic resource for all health-related questions. It frustrates me to no end how attentive you have to be to what you’re eating to avoid being “fooled.” So many food giants more or less pay to have various “health seals” put on their boxes and portion […]

Mon 05.16

Eat to Look and Feel Your Best

I’m in good shape (most of the time at least), and it’s rare that I take more than three days off from the gym in a week, but every two-three weeks I have a moment where I look like the lady above! That aside I have a strong interest in nutrition and fitness so I […]

Wed 04.06

Walker’s Apothecary Chamomile Soothing Gel

The only beauty product I take with me to the gym is Murad’s Clarifying Body Spray ($37). Ladies, if you workout – get it, use it, you’ll start swearing by it! I spray it all over my back, chest, and neck immediately after getting out of any sweat-inducing class and it prevents me from getting […]

Thu 03.31

Interview with Bianca Jade aka MizzFit

Bianca Jade, aka MizzFit, and I initially connected over email because we’re both Cornell Alums who work in similar fields. When we first met in person, totally by chance, at a random Fashion Week event in February we made plans to have coffee and after spending some time with her discussing health and fitness I […]

Tue 03.22

Physique 57 3-Disc Workout Series Volume 2

I’m not one to do an at-home workout. My wood floors aren’t meant for jumping, my TV is mounted fairly high since I live in a duplex with very high brick walls, and working out alone doesn’t come with the energy I feel when I’m in a studio where everyone is into the workout. Plus, […]

Tue 12.21

Stephanie Levinson’s Workout DVDs

I get made fun of a lot by my friends (and my boyfriend!), because I don’t drink much, prefer going to bed early, and rarely if ever sleep any later than 9am. I keep thinking about something Russell Simmons told Ellen Degeneres which was basically that he rather do yoga in the morning than get […]

Mon 12.06

Fitness Expert Loi Jordon’s Workout Tips

Gwyneth Paltrow may have Tracy Anderson, but I have someone I would venture to bet is way better – Loi Jordon. She is the most motivating trainer and group fitness instructor that I’ve ever met and is completely invested in everyone she works with (check her out on the TODAY Show!). She gives 110% – […]