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Thu 03.31

Interview with Bianca Jade aka MizzFit

Bianca Jade, aka MizzFit, and I initially connected over email because we’re both Cornell Alums who work in similar fields. When we first met in person, totally by chance, at a random Fashion Week event in February we made plans to have coffee and after spending some time with her discussing health and fitness I … Continue reading Interview with Bianca Jade aka MizzFit

Tue 03.22

Physique 57 3-Disc Workout Series Volume 2

I’m not one to do an at-home workout. My wood floors aren’t meant for jumping, my TV is mounted fairly high since I live in a duplex with very high brick walls, and working out alone doesn’t come with the energy I feel when I’m in a studio where everyone is into the workout. Plus, … Continue reading Physique 57 3-Disc Workout Series Volume 2

Tue 12.21

Stephanie Levinson’s Workout DVDs

I get made fun of a lot by my friends (and my boyfriend!), because I don’t drink much, prefer going to bed early, and rarely if ever sleep any later than 9am. I keep thinking about something Russell Simmons told Ellen Degeneres which was basically that he rather do yoga in the morning than get … Continue reading Stephanie Levinson’s Workout DVDs

Mon 12.06

Fitness Expert Loi Jordon’s Workout Tips

Gwyneth Paltrow may have Tracy Anderson, but I have someone I would venture to bet is way better – Loi Jordon. She is the most motivating trainer and group fitness instructor that I’ve ever met and is completely invested in everyone she works with (check her out on the TODAY Show!). She gives 110% – … Continue reading Fitness Expert Loi Jordon’s Workout Tips

Thu 09.02

My Yoga Online

I became addicted to yoga during my monthlong trip in Asia. I started each day with a 90 minute session at Space Yoga (the best!) in Taipei and though my goal was not weight loss (it was prescribed by my chiro for my pinched nerve and backpain) I ended up losing 3 pounds in 4 … Continue reading My Yoga Online

Mon 02.01

Equinox Fitness Clubs-My Body. My Biography

Are you one of those people who make New Year resolutions to hit the gym regularly but somehow can’t stick to it?  If so, you need to head to Equinox to read “My Body, My Biography”— a new campaign that tells the compelling, often emotionally-charged, stories of people who have triumphed over adversity thanks to … Continue reading Equinox Fitness Clubs-My Body. My Biography

Fri 12.18

LimiKids Home Gyms

Is this thing crazy or what? First of all, you need room for this, preferably a built out basement space where it won’t be a total eyesore and I would probably think professional installation is a must, I wouldn’t trust myself to it. But if you have the space (they claim this works for apartments … Continue reading LimiKids Home Gyms

Wed 12.02

2 Year Old Golf Prodigy, and NOT Tiger Woods

This is Quentin Coor, 2 years old and is giving Tiger Woods a run for his money. I am from a golfing family and I have yet to take my 4 1/2 year old golfing much less my 2 year old! She would run amuck! Quentin wanted to play because his daddy plays and they … Continue reading 2 Year Old Golf Prodigy, and NOT Tiger Woods

Wed 10.21

Sheila Kelley’s S Factor

Anyone who watches Oprah or reads weeklies on a regular basis has probably heard (but not dared to check-out), Sheila Kelley’s S Factor. Well ladies and gents, two Friday nights ago I ventured over to S Factor’s NYC location for an intro two-hour pole dancing class ($40 or 8-week series of two-hour classes for $480 … Continue reading Sheila Kelley’s S Factor