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Wed 06.26
Isabella Oliver Summer Sale

Isabella Oliver Summer Sale: Pregnancy Cravings

Having trouble justifying pregnancy clothes when you know you won’t need them in a year? Enter Isabella Oliver’s summer sale! Besides being the best maternity line out there, you can wear a lot of these clothes post-pregnancy. Take the wrap dress ($95.20). This is the kind of style you want as you get further along – the kind that allows for growth.

Wed 04.24

Teres Kids T-Shirts: Going Soft

Teres Kids makes clothes specifically for tots with tactile sensitivities, like those with skin allergies, autism, or eczema. But who doesn’t love super soft clothes? One of my daughters even hijacked an old pajama top that I was throwing away and now wears it as a giant nightgown! So while Teres Kids has 100% cotton […]

Wed 01.30

Frugal Snob: Colorful Eyeshadow Custom Palette Case and Shadows

If you’re on a budget that’s tight, but not super tight, there is no better beauty brand than Sephora’s namesake one. I’ve tried a ton of their products – from cleansers and anti-aging creams, to makeup (their mascara and eye liner are amazing) – and all of them have surpassed my expectations. The prices are […]

Wed 12.12

Maybelline Way: Caution! Mascara at Work

What do you get when you go to an event hosted by the number one selling makeup brand? Serious WOW factor. Maybelline turned the 80th floor of The Empire State Building into “Maybelline Way,” – aka a mini NYC complete with a newsstand, a hot dog vendor, and a Dylan’s Candy Bar pop-up (needless to […]

Wed 12.05

Frugal Snob: Crash Diet Beauty Products

We all know that nothing worth having comes easy and for most of us that includes a svelte physique. I’m going to Miami for Art Basel tomorrow so bikini bods have been on my mind for awhile. I’ve been using some products from Nip + Fab to prep me along with diet and exercise (though […]

Tue 09.11

Frugal Snob: Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge

Possibly the coolest product I’ve come across this year thus far, Cleanlogic Soap + Sponge ($4.49) is literally a bar of soap with a sponge inside. It sounded so weird when I read the box…all I could think was a soap with a sponge inside…what the hell!???? But it’s awesome! It not only cleans and […]

Mon 07.23

Frugal Snob: Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

Hands down the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor ($11.99) is the best drugstore razor I’ve ever used. It’s moisturizing, you don’t need shaving cream when using it in the shower, and it allows for a quick cut-free close shave. The one downside is that the blades doesn’t last very long (they start to get dull […]

Fri 07.20

Frugal Snob: Nordstrom 2012 Anniversary Sale

Last week I went to a preview of Nordstrom’s 2012 Anniversary Sale and I was completely floored!! Seriously the deals are out of this world amazing. Thank goodness they are all available online starting today because until 2018 us Manhattanites won’t have a Nordstrom to call our own… I’m so lucky that I have a […]

Fri 07.13

Frugal Snob: Skinnygirl Body Solutions Smooth And Firming Body Wash

I love Bethenny Frankel, but I do have a little beef with her. She’s always claiming to be “looking out for her fans,” and I believed that to be sincere, which is why I’m disappointed to see that she’s launched some pretty shady products. Among the latest ones she’s stamped her Skinnygirl logo on are […]