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Fri 07.13

Frugal Friday: Go Anchors Away with Submarine Swimsuits Two-Piece Sailor Swimsuit

The sailor trend has been big for Summer 2012, from MAC’s “Hey, Sailor!” line to Yves Saint Laurent’s rope- and anchor-heavy accessories collection. But naturally, I think the sailor look is cutest on none other than little girls. Especially when they’re playing captain, whether it’s by the beach, pool, or sprinklers. At half-off, this bathing […]

Mon 07.02

Frugal Snob: Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

The other week Stylecaster hosted an event with Dove in the Hamptons to introduce Dove’s latest haircare products. I wouldn’t typically recommend buying haircare products at a drugstore, especially if you have colored hair – in fact, if one of my best friends didn’t work at Stylecaster (Hi Meg!), I would have never even given […]

Wed 06.13

Frugal Snob: Target Fall 2012 Beauty Preview

Try as they may to revamp their offerings to make them appear more luxurious, CVS, Duane Reade, and other similar drugstores have nothing on Target. Hands down the best place to shop for affordable beauty products they stock one of my favorite brands (and I’m talking fave at any price point) – Yes to Carrots […]

Mon 04.23

Frugal Snob: Simply Vera Vera Wang Cosmetic Collection

There are very few designers that have branched out as much as Vera Wang has across the price spectrum — even fewer that have done so successfully. As much as I love her high-end line (even her black wedding dress moment!), I can’t deny that Wang’s David’s Bridal line is killer – so killer in […]

Wed 04.18

The Shops at Target: Cos Bar (and a Giveaway!)

Target does not stop! The latest twist on its designer partnership model comes in the form of The Shops at Target, which will officially launch on May 6th. Through the program Target will partner directly with shop owners of specialty stores and local boutiques to co-create affordable, limited-edition collections. The ones I’m most exciting for […]

Tue 02.21

Frugal Snob: Sephora Collection Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

A few months ago Estee Lauder launched some Pure Color eye shadows ($24) that look very similar to the limited edition ones that just came out from Sephora Collection($15). I’ve tried and liked both of them though it’s worth noting that while Estee Lauder’s shades come with a brush, they’re nearly $10 more expensive making […]

Wed 02.15

Frugal Snob: Disney’s Limited Edition Tinkerbell-Themed PixiGlow Collection

Pixi and I go waaaay back as it was one of the first brands I consistently bought when I was in High School. I first discovered it at Henri Bendel, but about a year into my obsession they discontinued the range and Sephora picked it up. Another year or so later Sephora discontinued the line […]

Tue 01.31

Frugal Snob: Skinnygirl Face & Body

You always hear about celebrities and designers licensing out their name and then having very little involvement in the resulting products. While it’s possible that this is the case with Bethenny Frankel, I would be very surprised. She always stays true to her brand and seems to care deeply about what products she associates herself […]

Tue 01.24
Today’s Tot Austin Toddler Bed

Today’s Tot Austin Toddler Bed: A Bed To Call Their Own

When it comes time for the “big girl or boy bed,” there are a few things to consider. Safety is number one: you don’t want mission or slatted-style headboards and baseboards that little heads or feet can get stuck in.