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Tue 01.31

Best in Show: Whose Curls Won the SAG Awards?

The classy yet laid-back vibe of the SAG Awards introduced us to a softer side of celebrities. Instead of harsh (and sometimes contrived) updos, many opted for pretty, cascading curls – which brought a smile to my face. I’m all about curls! (my quest for perfect curls has run from stove irons to the Digital […]

Thu 01.05

Wrap Snap & Go! Comfort Hair Rollers: Whoa, Nellie!

Nasty Nellie Olsen (of “Little House on the Prairie” fame) was the meanest girl on the plains, but her perfect ringlets always fascinated me (turns out she wore a wig – no wonder). I still like pretty ringlet curls, but they are quite difficult to achieve with curling irons and hot curlers (clip-less rods produce […]

Wed 11.23

Stove Irons: Steel is the Word!

What does any normal girl do when she finds herself in K-town with an hour free before lunch at one of the best Korean restaurants in the world? Why, get a blow out at a Korean hair salon, of course! Well, at least that’s what I did.  Everything started out quite predictably. But after my […]

Mon 11.14

TopStyler by Instyler: Out with Iron, In with Clip

Twitter is my number-one go-to source for all things these days. The latest to catch my attention? I noticed my Twitter timeline was abuzz with a product called TopStyler, which curls hair using a special heated hair clips. Some people loved it, others not so much. Of course, I had to give it a whirl […]

Mon 10.24

Warren-Tricomi Tension Hair Brush: Some Healthy Tension

I love my stylist; he does such a good job blowing out my hair. I always try to learn his tricks when he does it, but the advantage I’ll never have? The leverage he gets from standing over me. Getting the right tension with the brush is key, but it’s not easy to do yourself. […]

Wed 08.24

Zoe Saldana by Mara Roszak: Zoe’s Louche Luxe Locks

When you are wearing glitzy, rock show-stopping, mini-meets-maxi Balmain, you’re hair has to be done in just the right measure of undone. Zoe rocked it, to say the least, at the Miami premiere of her new film “Colombiana” (in which she totally kicks ass). Her hair is loosened up and imperfect in the front, as […]

Fri 07.22

Ultimate Beauty List: Snobbiest All Time Favorites

Best Mascara Lustrafy High Definition Mascara at Motives for $16.95. Stay Put Eyeliner Gel Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner at Neiman Marcus for $21. Most Protective Sunscreen Clarins ‘UV Plus HP’ Multi-Protection Day Screen SPF 40 at Nordstrom for $38 Fluid and Natural Foundation La Mer The Treatment Powder Foundation SPF 15 at Neiman Marcus […]

Wed 07.06

Frugal Snob: Whole Foods Beauty

When it comes to shopping for beauty products Whole Foods might be one of the most overlooked resources. I for one am in a Whole Foods almost every week and the beauty section ususally doesn’t register in my head till I’m on line to pay and see it out of the corner of my eye! […]

Thu 06.09

Messy Waves at the MTV Movie Awards: The Ripple Effect

The real winners of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards? That would be the starlets who sported messy waves – the best look of the night, on and off the red carpet. Loose, uncoiled, rippling tendrils gave Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, and Gabriella Wilde all an easy, careless allure ideal for an event such as this. […]