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Thu 12.05
The Gnarly Whale

The Gnarly Whale: A New…Gnarly…Vegan Range

With a name like The Gnarly Whale you know this brand has to be eco-friendly and vegan…am I right!? And I don’t mean that in a bad way…am totally loving the name and the fact that the brand focuses on using as few ingredients as possible in their all-natural bath and body line-up.

Fri 09.06

The First Keratin-Infused Permanent Hair Color…And More

It’s important to take care of your hair no matter how often you color treat it with color-specific, moisturizing products (color zaps moisture out), but now there’s something new we can do to not only protect our hair, but to strengthen it. I went to the John Sahag hair salon a few weeks ago to get my highlights touched up, and they used a new line of permanent hair color from Keratin Complex…

Mon 08.19
Multi-Functional Beauty Products

Multi-Functional Beauty Products: I Want It All-in-One

Everything is multi-purpose these days – smart phones, kitchen appliances…there are even toilets with heated seats! Why not indulge in beauty products with as many functions? Anything to give you a few more minutes to spend time with your family and friends, or god forbid – sleep – is worth considering.

Fri 08.16

MalibuC: Hair Treatments for Every Ailment

Hair treatments are a dime a dozen, but kudos to MalibuC for not only coming out with conveniently portable ones, but for having ones targets toward pretty much any hair issue I can think of!

Tue 07.02
Dear Clark Hair Care: Deep in the Heart of Texas

Dear Clark Hair Care: Deep in the Heart of Texas

When summer hits, I go from washing my hair twice a week to at least three or four times. Between dipping in the pool on vacation and the damage caused by my summer highlights, my normally healthy hair gets a little stressed.

Wed 06.26
Herbacin Shampoo & Conditioner

Herbacin Shampoo & Conditioner: Back to Basics

After chopping all of my hair off (well, eight inches – too bad it was layered, or else I could have donated it), I need a more lightweight shampoo and conditioner. With longer hair I was constantly worried about protecting my ends and treating my locks with heavy conditioners and oils. Now I just want all-natural products that’ll keep my hair healthy and lush.

Thu 06.20

Serge Normant Dry Shampoo

I swear by dry shampoo – especially in the summer when you can’t walk 10 minutes without breaking a serious sweat – but even in the dead of winter, it’s a must after I workout because I never shower at the gym (I always wait till I get home…). Serge Normant’s Meta Revive Dry Shampoo … Continue reading Serge Normant Dry Shampoo

Mon 04.01

Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo & Conditioner: Stay Hydrated This Summer

It seems you can find beauty products of all kinds with Argan oil as a central ingredient, but in shampoo and conditioner? Seems risky, considering how easily hair can get greasy. But I’m pleased to share that Agadir’s haircare gives you slick locks, rather than oil-slicked ones. I love their treatment oil, and have been … Continue reading Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo & Conditioner: Stay Hydrated This Summer

Fri 03.29

Frugal Snob: John Frieda’s New Color Specific Haircare

I have color-treated hair, but I also have very dry hair which makes it critical that the shampoo/conditioners I use target both (a good color care product should be made with dry hair in mind). Aside from Serge Normant’s Meta Blonde line I’ve never seen products that were made specifically for the color of your … Continue reading Frugal Snob: John Frieda’s New Color Specific Haircare