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Mon 04.16

Travel in Style: Oribe Beautiful Color Travel Set

I’m psyched about the coming weeks because I have three fun 3-5 day trips planned. First up I’ll be heading to Lenox to stay at Canyon Ranch. It was going to be an early birthday present to myself, but then my dad saw their website, noticed that it’s very close to Cranwell’s golf course, and […]

Thu 03.08

Ultimate Conditioning: Getting Out of a Hairy Situation

After months upon months of constant styling, my hair is not only tired from abuse, it’s loaded up with layers of product. When I realized the state of my strands, did I lay off and give them a break? Nope! But my hair did need help and after more deep conditioning, I felt like I […]

Fri 03.02

Kérastase Fibre Architecte: Architect of Desire

You all know my preference for hair treatments by now: oil, oil, and more oil. All that oil leaves my hair soft and shiny, but there’s a downside: it makes it impossible to shampoo only twice a week (as I like to do). So I’m thrilled to have recently discovered the newly released Fibre Architecte. […]

Wed 02.22

Original & Mineral Launches Stateside

Some of the best things come from down under (beaches, kangaroos, accents…!), and we can now add Original & Mineral to that mix. Previously only sold in Australia and New Zealand, it’s an ammonia-free line of hair dyes and haircare products that quite honestly I was only curious to try because of their unique packaging. […]

Thu 02.09

Philip Kingsley No Scent No Colour Duo: Good Hair Day

My new favorite shampoo and conditioner are from the man who coined the phrase “bad hair day.” Philip Kingsley is an authority on hair you should really listen to. No scent and no color might sound boring to some – when I was younger, I loved scented shampoos and conditioners. I thought the better it […]

Wed 02.01

Klorane Shampoo/Conditioner with Pomegranate

Klorane is very popular in Europe and I often see their dry shampoo backstage during Fashion Week (though when I was in Paris for the shows two years ago I noticed the brand being used considerably more over there). Well…the Europeans are on to something! The brand’s philosophy is to meld natural ingredients with proven […]

Tue 01.17

Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo

As much as I love Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo, it’s not convient to travel with (I’d have to tape down the cap and even then I’d risk the powder spilling out), so while I was in Seattle I took the opportunity to test out a new dry shampoo and went with Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry […]

Thu 12.22

TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

As much as I would like to have two hours to get ready before I go out, the reality is I have about 30 minutes on a good day. So with few precious minutes, hair washing is out of the question. At the risk of sounding gross, yes, I do sometimes leave the house with […]

Tue 11.29

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo

I don’t know how my friends who only wash their hair 1-2 times a week do it. Maybe it’s because I have thin hair, which tends to need to be washed more often than thick/curly hair, but I can’t go more than a day without at the very least conditioning. Last week however was one […]