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Tue 12.11

Top 5 Holiday Hairstyles: Don’t be So Uptight

With so many winter semi-formals and balls coming up, teens and collegiates need to keep it fresh. Why does everybody look 30 to me these days?? From my 50+ BFF to a friend’s 18-year-old, everyone looks 30! I guess the younger set is trying to look all grown up, but slow your roll! I say […]

Fri 09.14

NYFW Standout: Holmes & Yang Spring 2013 Collection

Not only was the Holmes & Yang Spring ’13 presentation beautiful on the outside (such an intimacy was perfect for really studying the clothes, which brimmed with effortless luxury, from the versatile quilted leather bomber to the cinch-waist jumpsuit to must-have camisoles), backstage was a blast! The inspiration for the looks, which Bobbi Brown and […]

Fri 06.15

Death of My Digital Perm and Return of Sleek

After nearly eight months of digital perm unruliness, I was ready for my hair to be smooth and sleek again. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good messy head of beach-y waves, but after all that perming and coloring the texture of my hair was almost like straw! I’ve done the Japanese thermal straightening […]

Fri 06.15

Bumble & bumble Launches Color Minded

I’ve been highlighting my hair since the fifth grade. I started off getting five or six highlights once a year and it slowly progressed to where, around the end of High School, I was getting a full head of highlights. Back when I started I could get away with highlighting my hair every six months, […]

Tue 05.01

Summer Hair for the Man Snob: A Close Call

After growing out my hair for the past year or so, I decided it was time to tame this bush growing on top of my head. Humidity and my hair are not friends, and I know it was time to clean up. After a strong recommendation by a friend to trust the artists at John […]

Fri 04.27

Paul Mitchell INKWORKS: Are Cotton-Candy Streaks To Dye For?

Proenza Schouler gave their runway a pastel tint, so to speak, back in 2010. Then Ashley Olsen was among the first, followed by Kate Bosworth, and then January Jones, among others: shifting their hair into punk-meets-pretty territory with cotton-candy streaks. Whether they’ve committed to Smurfette tips or tried just a taste with a baby-pink highlight, […]

Thu 03.15

Today’s Hair Trend: Add a Pop of Color

The Pop Of Color (POC) process is not to be confused with “chunking” of hair; rather, it’s a play on highlights and lowlights. Hmmm, sounds like another hair trend that will surely be abused in real life, thanks to colorful Katy Perry and various Sesame Street characters. But if done subtly (read: color options not […]

Thu 02.23

Top Buns: Riding High

So how do we feel about the super-high bun, a.k.a. the donut bun? For me, it depends who is donning it and how it’s been styled. Too tight and severe, and you’ll look like an off-duty ballerina who’s missing her legwarmers. Too sloppy and wispy, and you’ll look like you just sauntered out of bed […]

Tue 02.21

Top 5 Favorites: Fashion Week Hair

New York Fashion Week may be over, but the hairstyles live on! From enchanting updos to tousled manes to super-slick ponytails to laid-back buns, the mood for the Fall season is loose and carefree – the best ‘dos weren’t overly done. Here are my top picks: 1) Vera Wang: Frederic Fekkai’s Paul Hanlon delivered windblown updos, […]