Styling Products
Wed 09.12

LovelySkin Product Spotlight

For the second year in a row now I stopped by a pop-up LovelySkin hosted in Manhattan to showcase some of their best products. It was a great opportunity to not only learn about new beauty buys, but to speak with the people behind them to get a better feel for them and who they’re […]

Tue 09.11

Zen Care SS Treatment: Zen and the Art of Hair Maintenance

When I go through the process of getting my hair colored, it always comes with a nourishing treatment, so my hair is super-shiny when I leave the salon. But then, much like my gorgeous blowout, the shine tends to fade. Until now. My colorist – so sweet of her to share – told me what […]

Tue 09.04

Paul Mitchell Curl Confession: The Truth About Curls

I never understood why girls with curls want straight hair, I spend a lot of money on digital perms to keep my hair curly! I say celebrate your curls– nothing is sexier than tumbling curling manes. Paul Mitchell‘s Curls Frizz-Free Curl Therapy keeps my curls looking luscious and the ends smooth and bouncy while the […]

Wed 08.29

Ritz Hazan Root Concealer

Ritz Hazan Root Concealer ($24) is a lifesaver if you’re in between highlight appointments. Around the three month mark I’ll often find myself applying powder foundation or dry shampoo formulated for blondes to cover up my roots as I wait for my next highlight appointment. This spray (four years in the making!), offers an equally […]

Fri 08.24

nuNaat Brazilian Keratin: This Keratin’s A Keeper

After two months, my (very expensive) Keratin treatment is looking almost non-existent. I loved it so much when I first got it, but now my hair is the same as it ever was, so don’t believe the hype! But that sleekness is addictive. Fortunately, a few bottles of the right hair products will give you […]

Wed 08.01

Davines Defining Texturizer Styling Spray: Post-Shampoo Perfection

This is what my stylist uses on my hair when he needs it to style after a shampoo. As you know, super-clean hair is stubborn to style, especially if you have thick and slick hair, like mine. Some people use dry shampoo for this purpose, but for me, it gets too sticky and gross, leaving […]

Fri 07.20

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum: Jasmine Junkie

Spend a week in Thailand and you will become as obsessed with jasmine as I have. The Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil serum gives instant shine to all types of hair – and it lasts. And lasts! It takes dull hair to vibrant hair immediately. No more frizz or fly-always, just strong, shiny, light-reflecting locks with […]

Mon 07.16

Top 5 Beach Mists: Ocean Spray

What was once merely a cult product for girls who had never touched a surfboard but wanted to look like they could hang ten and city-slickers who yearned for a touch of the salty ocean in their beauty routine is now a hair-arsenal mainstay for any and every snob who likes a little bit of […]

Mon 07.02

Frugal Snob: Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo

The other week Stylecaster hosted an event with Dove in the Hamptons to introduce Dove’s latest haircare products. I wouldn’t typically recommend buying haircare products at a drugstore, especially if you have colored hair – in fact, if one of my best friends didn’t work at Stylecaster (Hi Meg!), I would have never even given […]