Wed 10.19

Molton Brown Myrrh Muske & Cypress Fine Liquid Hand Wash and Medio Candela: What Makes a House a Home

Most might have Halloween on the mind, but I am already preparing for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s time to prep my house for a big group of guests – the more the better! I am having someone come and decorate (I can’t strike the right balance of festive but not cheesy, so I seek […]

Mon 09.19

CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream: Two Birds With One Cream

Purell is so bad for you hands, it is pure alcohol and will dry out your skin. It’s so terrible I didn’t even use it when I had newborns, I just washed my hands a lot. I use a Jurlique moisturizing hand sanitizer but it just doesn’t dry out your hands, it doesn’t add moisture. […]

Tue 09.06

Malin + Goetz Rum and Lime Handwash Set

Aside from being a killer workout, one of the great things about going to Barry’s Bootcamp is that their locker rooms are loaded with products from Malin + Goetz. Aside from the brand’s Rum Tonic I haven’t tried anything from them, so when I went to Barry’s it was a great opportunity to familiarize myself […]

Wed 06.22

Diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion: Rule With a Velvet Glove

Now this is the kind if lotion you leave out for guests – it’s not showing off if you’re giving them something to indulge in! Diptyque‘s Velvet Hand Lotion is creamy, light as air yet rich as butter, and deeply penetrating and emulsive. What more could you ask of a lotion?! With organic floral water […]

Thu 06.16

Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer: Soft and Strong

Don’t ever use Purell (well, unless it’s an emergency – like, God forbid, you need to use a Porta-Potty!). Purell is pure alcohol and will dry out your hands to a crisp. After prolonged use your hands will suffer irreparable damage. Instead, Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer has a formulation that cleans and actually hydrates your […]

Mon 03.14

Vanicream Cleansing Bar

I love this cleansing bar, not for my face but my hands – for after make up application. Regular soap won’t cut it especially if you are using your hands to apply foundation, which you should because it’s the best way to achieve consistent coverage. I bet you have a hand towel that is stained […]

Mon 01.10

L’Occitane’s New Ultra Rich Face, Body, and Hand Scrubs

Sadly my India trip never happened and I ended up stuck here in the frigid NYC cold:( The plan was for my boyfriend to fly from Cali to NYC and then for us both to fly out to Mumbai. Unfortunately, the NYC blizzard caused him to get stuck in Cali for four days and our […]

Mon 12.20

Barielle Total Care Cream

Are you neglecting your feet because it’s winter and they’re hidden in boots?  Okay, I’m guilty of the same but when I saw how dry and cracked my heels were last week I decided to take serious action!  Heels are a funny part of the body, the skin doesn’t absorb or retain moisture well so […]

Thu 12.09

New Caldrea Balsam Figleaf Collection

For holiday Caldrea has come-out with two new scents Balsam Figleaf and Peppermint Amaryllis. I haven’t sampled the Peppermint (not a fan of minty anything, in fact my aversion runs so deep that until a few weeks ago I was still using bubble gum Barbie toothpaste!), but I was sent a sample of their hand […]